Connecticut Town Wants to Control Deer Population, But Not With Hunting

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Westport Connecticut has a serious deer over-population problem that needed to be addressed. At a Westport Representative Town Meeting (RTM) by vote it was agreed that the deer population needs to be controlled, and also by vote they decided to uphold the town's hunting ban. Some of the non lethal suggestions were air gun delivered deer birth control, also they propose to feed the deer corn laced with insecticide to help deal with the ticks which spread lyme disease.

Animal right activists were pleased with the non hunting, but some members of the RTM think it is ridiculous to try to control a population without some culling. Peter Knight thought that sharpshooters should be used to help cull the herd. “I think it’s ridiculous to talk about controlling deer without some form of culling,” Knight said. “How do you reduce the population? You either starve them or you shoot them.”

The RTM committee would also want to have deer education programs to warn citizens of the danger deer pose to motorists, to teach them ways to repel deer from their plantings, and to avoid ticks. From


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In a way this is the exact

In a way this is the exact opposite of the article that came just after this one as in that one they have decided to go ahead with hunting as a viable way to control the deer population in the area. In this case instead of the town making some money they will have to spend large amounts to achieve results that will probably be hard to even measure. Birth control for deer even just sounds rediculous and treating them for the ticks could be very interesting. Many states have banned baiting to keep the deer away from each other in the attempt to stop the spread of cwd and now these guys are going to do the opposite and use bait to try and control something else. Hopefully the plans they come up with fail miserably or they will spread the news and other areas will start to promote the same stupid ideas in thier towns as well.

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Ct deer control

Having grown up in Ct myself, I can see something like this happening. There is a growing number of residents there, it seems, that like the rural feel of many areas, but have not a single ounce of understanding of wildlife and it's connection & influence with those areas.

Deer hunting has always been a difficult undertaking in Ct, but recently regs have been relaxed somewhat perhaps allowing more to enjoy it. It's a shame some people cannot see the usefullness of hunting in most circumstances and only begin to have any type of positive opinion on it when their shrubs and gardens get eaten by the "pretty" deer.