Conflict of Interest?

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Washington hunters are coming together in efforts to stop the confirmation of Jay Kehne to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission. Kehne is a paid employee of Conservation Northwest, some hunters call it an extreme environmental group. They believe that the F&W Commission is already green enough, and adding Kehne would just exacerbate the situation for hunters. It seems the commission does not support the fishermen and hunters of the state.

A petition being circulated around was started by the Northwest Chapter president of Safari Club International. The petition states : I ask you to sign the online petition to stop the Confirmation of Jay Kehne to Washington State Game Commission. Although he claims to be a hunter and will be touted as a hunter on the Game Commission, he is no friend to the hunting community. In fact, he is a paid employee of radical environmental group Conservation Northwest and serves as its Okanogan outreach associate (wouldn't this constitute a big conflict of interest?).  Conservation Northwest was founded by Mitch Friedman a former Earth First! radical who lists "spending many hours in the canopy of ancient trees as one of the first tree-sitting protesters" on his own webpage. Conservation Northwest advocates protecting wolves and with Jay Kehne they are really putting the wolf in charge of the henhouse. 
   Please sign the below petition and forward this email to all your pro-hunting and pro-ranching friends. 
President, Northwest Chapter
Safari Club International

Link to online petition.

One lawmaker that spoke to the paper said that none of the commission appointees should be allowed. That it should wait until after the vote in November, when the new governor can appoint his own commission. This is the first issue where hunters have grouped together in an effort to stop an appointment, and there is reason to believe that the hunters will have a voice in the November elections. From The