Columbia's New Omni-Heat Line

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If you're headed out to hunt in winter weather, it's important to stay warm. Columbia just released this new video featuring Wim Hoff (owner of 18 world records, including longest ice bath) to preview their Omni-Heat line. 

Check this out before your next hunting trip. Click on the video below to learn more.


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I have seen a lot of

I have seen a lot of advertising for this new line and cabelas has had many good offers for it as well. Since I always seem to be cold in the late winter I have watched with interest but am waiting to see some reviews from guys to see if it really delivers as advertised. I'm willing to pay for good gear but not if it's not what I really expect. Extra warmth with out a lot of bulk id the perfect combination but in many cases it never works out quite that well. Columbia stuff has always held up pretty good for me but I'll still wait a while till somebody tries it out and gives a full report.

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Man, that video makes me cold

Man, that video makes me cold just watching it!  That dude must be cold blooded.  I have a lot more insulation that him and can't even imagine how cold that must have been.  Geez.

Columbia does make some good gear too.  I've never been a fan of the electric heated stuff and never owned any--not even the socks from many, many years ago.  I'm sure my wife would love to try it out on a cold day though.  Don't tell her Columbia is making this new outerwear...

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Made in USA is coming back

Love the Columbia brand.  Its all I used for winter sports.  I've always enjoyed the L.L Bean but I must say they have gone so yuppie on me I'm a bit hesitant to purchase anything anymore.  My family is lifetime buyers.  Enjoy the lifetime warranty for sure.  Columbia is just quality made for folks that require only the best in clothing when their lives may depend on it.  Oh man I remember those commercials now.

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I love the commercials for

I love the commercials for Columbia sports wear. I alos like the Columbia jackets, I own 3 different ones. The best part is Columbia was found and is still made here in Portland Oregon. I go to there factory every year as I get a 60% discount for 4 days a year through my work. All of the gear I have got form them is made fromthe highest quaility materials and their jackets will last forever. My buddy has one of the jackets mentioned here in this ad and it is freaking sweet. I would love to get one I just have to wait till my 4 day period comes around again. Girt Boyle is the founder of Columbia sports wear and live in West linn. She was in the news earlier this year for someone breaking into her home and kidnapping her. I'm sure that wasa scary ordeal. Anyways I would recommend any of the Columbia sports wear line of products to anyone out there. There advertising has gotting pretty good over the years and are rather entertaining.

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  That is a hilarious video. 


That is a hilarious video.  I have seen two other commercials on this same Columbia jacket and they are as funny as this one.  Very good advertising gimmics being used for this.

As far as the technology I think they have a good product going here.  Basically taking the emergency heat blanket for reflecting the body heat to a higher level as a jacket, boot, or glove lining with moisture wicking properties.  Some are pretty pricey based on their web site.

Pretty neat technology and we should be seeing similar advances in the other sport clothing industries to rival this.  All good for the outdoors person.