Colt Single Action Revolver Could Become Arizona's State Gun

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Arizona state senator Ron Gould introduced a bill that would make the Colt single action Army revolver the official Arizona state firearm. 42 senators and representatives have signed on as co-sponsors. The East Valley Tribune has the complete story.

“I think Arizona has a tradition of being a Wild West state,” he explained. “The Colt single action Army revolver epitomizes the Wild West heritage of Arizona.”

If approved, the weapon would join various other items that lawmakers have designated over the years as “official.”


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There is a lot of single action revolver history in Arizona with 'Billy the Kid' William Bonnie, Pat Garrett, and others of that era having been in that area.  I think it is a good match and it is a pleasantly refershing thing to see a state NOT shy away from all things related to shooting.

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Just kinda what Utah was

Just kinda what Utah was going to do, I guess.

Weren't they going to put it on the flag though???

Nice to see the states wanting to keep their "western" heritage though.

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CO needs an official State Gun

I think the timing of this legislation in AZ is interesting, given the Giffords shooting ordeal. 

I think the idea of an official state gun is a nice sentiment, but it is also ridiculous that they waste any taxpayer dollars on things like this.  Having said that, if AZ adopts an official state gun, I think CO should do likewise, perhaps a tribute to one of the popular hunting rifles used in the state?  Then part of me wants something more obnoxious like an assault rifle or a Ma Duece just to irritate the anti-gun nuts.  Perhaps it would be enough to get some of them to move out and leave my state alone?