Colorado's Genesee Bison Herd Expanding

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If you've ever driven on I-70, through Genesee in Colorado, chances are you have seen the bison herd that can be on the north or south side of the interstate. Folks that drive that route, look for them every time they pass through.

The workers at the park have been trying to increase the herd size.  This spring they welcomed two dozen new calves, with more to come. There were 33 bison in the herd, and every spring 19 to 20 calves are added, but this year they are expecting a little more to increase the herd.

The bison have 800 acres at the park to roam and is a historic attraction owned by the City and County of Denver, from KDVR Fox 31 Denver.


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The American bison is a part of our national heritage.

This is very good news! 

The American bison is a part of our national heritage.  And I am always glad to see any good management of a game animal population.  It is always good to see any herd expand – especially if it might someday lead to another increased hunting opportunity!  I am going to have to try bison meat again.  I’ve only had it once that I recall.  It was a burger in a New York bar that was unfortunately charred on the outside and raw on the inside.  It really was not a pleasant meal at alll.  But you can ruin even good meat if you treat it poorly. So I think that I need to try bison steaks and burger cooked my way.  If I can decide that bison meat is something that I would like to have a steady diet of, then I would be delighted to book a hunt for one.  It’s true that I’d have to barrow something suitable for hunting them like a rifle chambered in a black powder era cartridge like a 45-110, 45-90, or even the much more common 1873 vintage 45-70 cartridge.  Another option would be to hunt my bison with any of the varieties of flintlock muskets with black-powder and a lead round ball.  Heck even a percussion cap musket would be an historically accurate way to kill a bison.  I don’t think that I would be satisfied unless I did it with a pre-twentieth century firearm or replica there-of.  I’d also have to have a hand in the skinning and butchering with old steel or even a Damascus steel blade. It just doesn’t seem right to fill your freezer with anything other than meat that which you kill and de-bone yourself - at least not to me.

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I have seen the bison out

I have seen the bison out there multiple times. My best friend went to school in Boulder, and his future wife had a time share up in Winter Park.  We'd travel up the 70 and past the Bison there every year when I went out to visit.

Actually, they had their wedding reception at the exit just past where all of them are at a hotel there.

They are really neat to watch.  We have a big herd out here in California on one of the military bases.  They roam all over the rifle ranges, and you have to stop, and not harass them, till they move on their merry way. 

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That is pretty cool..always

That is pretty cool..always good to see an animal like the buffalo making a comeback.   I love the drive up there with the chance tht they may be were we can see them good.

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It was interesting to read

It was interesting to read this since I livein Colorado. I have lived here more than half my life now and although I have seen the sign many times on the way ti and from Denver from my side of the state I have never once stopped to have a look and see what it was all about. Now my interest has been raised I'm sure I will have to stop and have a look the next time I head over there. It says the herd is expanding but it appears that that is the normal spring cycle and they must be selling them off later to maintain the regular size. I wonder where the new one ones get sent off to when they are old enough to go? I would like to hunt buffalo one of these days but of course not in a setting like this one. But I will stop for some pictures the next time through.