Colorado Teen Completes North American Grand Slam

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Sara Brandenburg of Berthoud Colorado is the youngest female to complete a Sheep Grand Slam. She wrapped up her Grand Slam on a Stone Sheep hunt at the ripe age of 15 and the entire slam only took one year to complete.

According to the The Longmont Times-Call ( she has future hunting plans as well.

She hopes to eventually find a career as a professional hunter and spokes-woman for the sport and advocate for more girls and women to participate in the male-dominated sport.

Congratulations Sara!


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Absolutely amazing, I

Absolutely amazing, I congratulate the girl on her accomplishment and he rcontinued success. I can't even comprehend being able to hunt just one of these animals, let alone all 4 by the you are 15. Even a whole lifetime will not be enough for most of us.

These are magnificent trophies and I'm sure she will be able to achieve the rest of her goals with the dedication she has already shown.

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This is  wonderful story, of

This is  wonderful story, of that there is little doubt.

Fifteen years old, helped by a very supportive family - she has been able to accomplish something that so few hunters (read that male hunters) have been able to complete.

Stunning results at that age!

Losing ten percent of your body weigth on a hunt does not sound healthy, however... at roughly 100 pounds, she can ill afford to lose any weight!

I can see the crusty 65 year old guide looking at this young girl and thinking "OK, what next?"

Thank goodness she was able to convince him that he was not only wrong - but that she was genuinely a worthy and hard working hunter.

Moving on to the issue of hate mail - who can hate a little girl that accomplishes something like this?

Even if you were a less than extreme non hunter, this is still admirable!

To me, even the most hardened anti-hunter should have trouble casting doubts on this story... I guess these idiots figure if you are in for a penny you are in for a pound and they are equal opportunity haters.

I commend Sara and feel like this is a tremendous accomplishment.

Great work to BGH also for picking this wonderful story up.

Super read, enjoyed it very well.



That is an impressive task to accomplish no matter who you are.  Im sure there are many a hunter that would like to have this accomplishment under the hunting resume.  I for one am in the category.  My daughters are 15 and 17. Annie at 17 hunts with me but Monica not so much. I would love to have any one of my kids to overcome a task of this magnitude. To teach them the simple fact that they could accomplish anything that put their mind too.  Great job.

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A big congratulations goes

A big congratulations goes out to Sara for her huge accomplishment!

Like one of the guys posted, money can't help her walk up those mountains. It can't help her control her breathing before the shot or steady the pack on the way down. She did an awesome job completing this feat.

Wow! $120,000 for four sheep hunts, roughly $30,000 a hunt.  Out of my league, maybe BGH can give away sheep hunts next time. Hahahaha.

Hawkeye, she does have an 18 year old sister who hunts, maybe you can drive over and introduce yourself and help her sister learn to bowhunt.

Because that is her next goal, to get the slam with her bow. That's a tough task to complete but it should be easier for her to accomplish this time around with the bow as she is familiar with the sheep and their hunting areas.

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Yes, the experience will help

Yes, the experience will help her with the bow hunting, but I can't speak for sheep hunting, but if it is anything like goat hunting, then it will be a challenge 10 times harder than the rifle.  Fortunately, she is young and you'd have to assume in good shape so she can do it I am sure.

Wonder, besides the bow hunt grand slam, what challenges lay ahead of her.  Exciting to think about what she might hunt next.

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That is just an incredible

That is just an incredible feat!  I can't imagine spending the $$$$$ that it must take, but hey, if ya got it, might as well spend it on something you enjoy!  Good for her!  Pretty Cool!

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That’s awesome! I believe that more of the younger generations should get into hunting, and experience the great outdoors. This young lady set her mind on doing something and went for it. And because of her hard work she accomplished what she set out to do!! It’s amazing that a 15 year old person accomplished something that many of us older hunters, not saying I’m really old, but that many of us haven’t even come close to doing. I know many of us probably haven’t even killed one sheep let alone finish the sheep grand slam! And on top of being 15 she was one of the few females to accomplish this! Congratulations Sara!!!

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If I were you, I'd be

If I were you, I'd be checking it out to see if she had an older sister :)  Find yourself the gal that not only has the passion for hunting but a rich dad that has the passion for hunting and the son that he never had to share it with.

Did anyone else notice the tropy room in the background.  Man, that is sweet.  I have a small room for my mounts and I am happy to have it, but there are some trophy rooms out there that just make my head spin.

I'd love to know more details about the hunts, where they happened, the type of rifle, distances, etc.  This is a pretty cool story.

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Wow, I wonder what it cost to

Wow, I wonder what it cost to accomplish this feat?  It had to take major bucks.  Don't get me wrong, I am glad that she got the opportunity to do it, I just am curious about the resources, even beside the monetary ones, to make this happen in a year's time.

Plus, I feel sorry for her.  She's only 15 and now what does she have to look forward to - just kidding of course.  Seriousely, I wonder if she has any other hunts planned or any other slams on the horizon.

Wish her luck in her endevours and glad to see her involved in hunting.

A Grand Girl for Sure

Without women genuinely involved, sport hunting does not have a chance.  This girl is a posterchild for the type of future woman hunter we need.  Clearly she has some funding somewhere that gives her a leg up on most of us...but money won't help you climb in sheep country, nor will it accurately fire a rifle (or whatever she used...please don't tell me she did it with a bow or my manhood will be stripped permanently).

I will take the opportunity to suggest that as much as we all love the idea of a sheep Grand Slam, few of us could afford one sheep hunt...let alone the four needed to achieve the slam.

And those of us who hunt self guided on principal can only pursue the bighorn and desert bighorn.  And since we don't use an outfitter we are at a further disadvantage of evening getting the tag (how did she get all those tags in one year anyway?!) 

Dall and stone are off the menu completely for self guided hunters because Alaska doesn't trust us to hunt where the sheep live.  Of course Alaska won't stop us from hiring a bush pilot and hiking through the mountains as much as we like...we just can't do it during hunting season with a valid tag in our pocket.

Anway, congratulations Sara.  Good luck in future hunting endeavors and with your ambitions to making it a livelyhood.

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My ultimate hunting goal is

My ultimate hunting goal is to complete the North American sheep slam. And she completed it before she could get her drivers license? That is crazy. Good for her. We are always hearing about the demise of our tradition and that one of the best ways to combat it is to bring kids and ladies into the hunting realm. Well, it looks like someone has done their part. I do not think that she will be quiting any time soon. Now what I really need to do is find a college age girl that is as much of a prolific game getter as this girl. The search continues!