Colorado Springs Woman Attacked by Coyote

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While gardening in her Colorado Springs backyard, Kateri Kerwin was attacked by a coyote. The coyote pounced, the first bite burned and shocked her. The coyote was able to bite her twice and when the shock wore off she was able to fight off the coyote with a bag of potting soil. It gave her enough time to get to the stairs of her condo building. She said the coyote looked thin and wiry and wrong.

She wants to warn others to be on the look out for this dangerous animal. Coyote sightings have been reported in this area recently. Kerwin was treated at the hospital and received multiple shots for rabies, and will need follow up shots.

The wildlife department of the USDA has applied for a permit so they can find and trap the animal, from


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This coyote needs to be put down as soon as possible.


As noted, it is very unusual for a coyote to attack a human, let alone an adult.  Given that she thought that the coyote looked thin and “wrong” the regime of multiple shots for rabies is probably very prudent. Hopefully the fish and wildlife service will be able to trap this coyote, not only to find out if it is rabid, but to destroy it.  An animal with a history of attacks on humans is just danger of repeat offense.  The next time the victim could be an invalid, or child who is not able to defend themselves as well as this woman.  As much as I am a defender of wildlife, I think this animal needs to be put down as soon as possible for the public good.

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This attack smells of rabies.  There's just something wrong with that picture.  I know that coyotes are just about everywhere, even right in the city.  But they are, by nature, a shy and reclusive animal.  I have never seen on in my life that was brave enough to hang around humans.... oops, let me take that back.  I was in Yellowstone Park one time and had a coyote come right up to the car.  I didn't stick my arm out and try to pet him either.

I wonder if they just automatically started the rabies shot process or if they actually did an examination and found that rabies were present?  With the very low probability of a coyote attack, I'd guess they assumed there was a high probability of rabies present.  Even though the article said the dog was thin and wiry and "wrong", I don't think a coyote would attack a human that is much bigger.  Again, there was something wrong with that picture.

With all that said, I think we always need to be cautious around wild animals.  Animal - human encounters in Yellowstone generally occur not from an animal attack but from people approaching the animals.  When animals become accustomed to humans, it is wise to leave them alone and stay away from them.  Why do people think they need to go up and pet wild animals?  Years ago when I was much younger and MUCH MORE STUPID, I tried to pet a bison in Yellowstone Park.  How stupid was that!!! 

I agree that the people in the area this lady was bitten need to be on the lookout for "that" coyote.  It very likely has rabies and will more than likely attack again.


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Yeah I would say when a

Yeah I would say when a coyote attacks a person that that coyote might not be ringh in it's on head.  It definetly needs to be captured or killded and checked out see why we keep getting all thias strange attacks.  Seems like a good reason to be to maybe start putting a bounty on coyotes again.

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Hopefully they will in fact

Hopefully they will in fact catch this coyote so as to find out the cause of the attack as it appears that rabies in a definate possibility. Fortunately the woman was able to defend herself after the initial surprise and get help quickly. I had just posted in another article recently that a coyote attack was not something that I was concerned about ever happening. I know this is not normal behavior but shows once again that we must always be prepared for what we do not expect just in case we're wrong as I just was.