Colorado Springs Residents Warned of Aggressive Black Bear

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Thursday morning as a Colorado Springs police officer was snapping pictures of a large black bear, the bear ran at the officer. The officer retreated while still snapping pictures. A call went out to residents within a half mile area of the last sighting, 3920 N. Union Blvd. The phone call was a precautionary measure, warning people there was an aggressive black bear in the area. The best course of action is to leave the animal alone and the bear will find his way back to the wild. Residents who had a dangerous encounter with the animal were instructed to call 911. From The Denver Channel.


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What does it take to classify a wild animal as "aggressive"?  Is it merely the act of moving towards a human?  Heaven forbid a wild animal ever take a step towards a person.  This bear now has a label.  Was it due to anything he/she did bad? 

These animals that venture into no-man's land, so to speak, are there usually because they're hungry.  And if people would keep their food items and garbage in a secure place, the bears will move back to where they came from.  I'd guess there are actually those out there that find it fun to leave scraps of food out to feed the animals.  The only wild animals I've found to be aggressive are those that have been fed and have come to have an "entitlement" mentality, much like a big sector of people.

As everyone knows, the bears didn't move into our neighborhoods; we moved into theirs.  Cut down trees, bulldoze the land, cover it with pavement and call it progress.  I don't consider myself an "animal right's activist", but I do think wild animals need to be given respect and treated fairly.

Hey, that police officer had some serious kahoona's to keep taking pictures when the bear was coming after him.  Or maybe he had the same mental capacities as the guy who posted his illegal kills on Facebook?


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As dry as it has been here in

As dry as it has been here in Northern New Mexico,  i have only heared of a few bear encounters.  I give it about 2 more weeks and then it will be a every day thing on the news.  There is one little town that for about 3 months a year the town belongs to the bears.  4 or 5 sighting will be comin aday and its really nothing new to the town.  I am sorry to say there is a 3 strike rule here in New Mexico, but when some bears are removed they are right back in the same town within weeks if not days.  they now where all the good stuff is when it comes to food.  its the peolpe we have to train better.  The people that really need to be trained are the ones that move to the Mountians and then they think they can do what ever.  wrong the bears, lions where there frist.  we the people need to learn, not the bears.

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Well, glad to see the cop was

Well, glad to see the cop was intelligent enough to leave the wild bear alone.... Wink

Geez, why didn't you just poke it with a stick?  I understand the desire to take phots, but even as he is charging you?  Either has some ba!!s, or is pretty clueless.

Wild animals are wild animals, bears, elk, deer, whatever.  On a side not, i like the brown shade to that bear.