Colorado Spring Bear Hunt Bill Amended

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According to the Durango Herald, Rep. J. Paul Brown has amended his black bear hunting bill and stripped the spring hunting season. Brown amended the bill after being pressured by animal advocates.

The Division of Wildlife’s chief testified his agency probably would push for limited bear hunting in August, and Brown said that plan matches his intent to give the DOW more power to target problem bears. His bill leaves in place the voter-approved bans on killing mother bears with cubs or hunting bears with bait or dogs.


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What a spineless twit. Give

What a spineless twit. Give in to pressure from the anti's, what kind of a spineless person are you? If i were a resident of Colorado I wouldnt be voting for this person again. I wonder how much money the anti's paid him? In my opinion it should be up to the wildlfe commision to determine when and how animals are hunted NOT politicians or animal rights groups. after all if they cant make decisions like that then why have a commision? to set tag numbers? is that it? I'll say it again WHAT A SPINELESS PUKE!!!!