Colorado Receives Money to Improve Bighorn Sheep Habitat

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The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society raffled bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and pronghorn hunting licenses for fundraising. One license is sold through an auction, and one is given away to the winner of a raffle, that anyone can enter. "The annual fundraising represents sportsmen's dedication to wildlife conservation and research through the Colorado special license program," Robert Ong, president of the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, said in a statement. The proceeds came to nearly $150,000 all of which is being donated to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission for bighorn sheep habitat projects.

The money from this year's auction/raffle will go to 11 bighorn sheep projects, including several prescribed burns conducted by the U.S. Forest Service, vaccine research and additional transplants in the Sangre de Cristo mountains and Dolores River. From The Loveland Connection.


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I know what you mean as it is

I know what you mean as it is one of my dreams of doing here at home as well. It should be one-draw-and-done to allow others to have a better chance at winning a tag.


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Bighorn sheep are at the top

Bighorn sheep are at the top of my dream list and if I ever get to hunt them it will surely be here at home. I have applied for nearly half my life now but I'm confident that one day I will finally get the tag That I want. It's good to see that the money raised with these tags and raffles goes to furthering the opportunity and research on these majestic animals. Otherwise I would just look at it as 2 more tags being taken out of the draw and reducing my chances even more. I know of people who have applied for 20 years or more for some of the better areas and never gotten to go yet. Of course on the other hand I know of a couple of others who have gone twice now and are nearly back into the draw again. It should probably be one in a lifetime with the odds getting do high. Oh well I will continue to wait until my name finally comes up.