Colorado Introduction of Moose Successful

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In 1979 several breeding pairs of moose were brought to Colorado's North Park. Now the moose numbers are close to two thousand. The population has spread across the state, beyond the continental divide, in 3 different areas of Rocky Mountain National Park.

It is unknown how they affect the park as there has not been a study to address this. With no natural predators and a growing number, more hunters apply for moose permits. More than 14,000 hunters applied last year. About 85 moose are killed annually, from the


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I read this article as well

I read this article as well in the local paper. I didn't know the actual year they were vrought back and was surprised it was so long ago. We have a bunch now but the competition for those tags is pretty step. I myself have been applying for about 16 years or so now with no luck at all. Unlike our other limited draws none of my friends have either. I'm confident I will get the tag someday and will continue to keep trying. It would probably go a little quicker though if so many didn't get killed by hunters who can't seem to tell them apart from an elk every year.

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colorado moose

I bet the number they quote is not accurate. The moose have really spread out, and we see them in places that are literally hundreds of miles from where they were introduced. We see them frequently in the Flat Tops (by Trappers Lake), in Craig & Steamboat Springs (yup in town!), on the Green River (Colorado and Utah) and even in the high desert areas where you would not expect to ever see a moose. 

So the moose introduction was indeed a success. I remember when they were first introduced and I didn't think it would work. I was wrong - and it sure is fun to see them in the wild!

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You're right Goose, nice

You're right Goose, nice article.  I can see why it takes so mayn years to draw up there, with that many people applying for so few tags.

I really enjoy watching moose.  I grew up in Vermont and spent alot of time in Maine, where one side of my family lives.  there are moose everywhere up there.  Beautiful critters, for being so big.

Glad to see the success they've had in colorado with introducing them.  Seems a little slow, with 2,000 animals in 30 years.  Hoever, I imagine they have more natural predators there, between bears and lions, than they do back east.

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Read this article the other

Read this article the other day...that is a great story.  They were placed in area were we camp all the time and I still remember the first time we saw then up there.  I asked day can we hunt the time you could not.....I wish I had been putting in for points back then I may just have a tag by now.  But aside from hunting it is always great to go up there and watch the moose, just such a great big animal and I love taking some pictures of them.  Glad to hear they have done so well.