CNN's Deer in Review

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A year never passes with more than a few stories of deer breaking-and-entering, chasing people, and generally causing mayhem. This year CNN has put together a short video of some of the more notable deer bloopers caught on tape.

Pesky cloven hooves keep deer from participating in most human activities, but that doesn't mean they won't try their darnedest to make a purchase at a local sundry, pony up to the bar for a brew or make a cash deposit at a neighborhood bank.


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These are always funny - but

These are always funny - but you have to know that some of these deer (and mybe some of the humans!) are injured in scenes like this.

I recall when I was a kid - we had a mall nearby and there was a freestanding SearsAuto bulding in the parking lot - it was bashed by a buck on two separate incidents in sucessive years... broken glass, toppled displays - the whole nine yards.

The great part?

There were hardly any woods in the area... and most of the woods that were there, we marauded on a regular basis - and hardly ever saw any deer!

These clips were mercifully short and did not show any of the aftermath of these incidents.

When you see broken glass, people running amok and mayhem in general, you worry about the outcome.

Now.... lets put a 750 pound elk into the picture - think of THAT scene!!!

Mayhem just became sheer pandemonium!

At any rate, I digress... great clips and amusing, for sure.

Thanks to CNN and to BGH - very entertaining!


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Pretty good set of clips

Pretty good set of clips there.

I like the "pony up to the bar" one.  I have seen that recently, it was pretty funny.

As usual though, I found myself drawn to the comments by some idiotic posters at the bottom of the page.  It never fails, I am drawn to them like moths to a flame, even though I am going to get ($%*$* off.... lol