Chupacabras Probably Just Mangy Coyotes

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In a blow to supernatural wildlife loremasters everywhere, it turns out that Chupacabras are probably just coyotes with a severe case of mange. If you haven't heard of Chupacabras before you're not alone, they are a mysterious creature that started showing up in Central America in the mid-90's and recently there have been reported sightings in Southwestern U.S.

In an interview on NPR, Dr. Barry O'Connor talks about why he thinks the mysterious "goat suckers" are probably just mangy coyotes.

Well, I'm kind of an expert on the big group of mites that causes mange, and what we see in the photographs that are purportedly chupacabras are clearly mange-infested coyotes or dogs. These are animals that have a pretty severe case of these parasitic mites that typically causes them to die ultimately, but they do get really ugly before that happens.

National geographic also has an article posted about the Chupacabras that is worth a look.


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I was watching the show

I was watching the show monster quest that airs on the history channel the other day and saw an episode dedicated to this myth. The show gives you history on different myths, finds people who will give first hand accounts of seeing the creatures and then employs researchers to go out and try and find them. The show has done episodes on everything from bigfoot to skin walkers. Their research is always just a joke... it really gets you laughing. I can not even imagine for a second that they actually believe that they are doing solid research. It makes for good mind numbing entertainment though I guess. Way better than watching old re-runs of Full House I guess.

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I agree.  Mosnsterquest is entertaining, but it's a joke.  They do so much disservice.  I mean I'm open to the idea that bigfoot may in fact exist, never seen one, but I'm open to it.  Monsterquest really makes a joke out of their research.  I reall got a kick out of the episode they did on Bears.  They filled the audience with so much BS about wildlife.  What's interesting about shows like monsterquest is how they never actually solve anything or present the viewer with any final resolution ever.  It's hard to take shows like that seriously.  But they are entertaining to watch.

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The show has done episodes on

The show has done episodes on everything from bigfoot to skin walkers. What is a skin walker?  I think most of us believe that bigfoot doesn't exist, but do any of you wish it did?  I do as I think it would be cool for something that big to exist in our midst for all these years without contact.  It would be an interesting specie to say the least.  It certainly would create some interesting questions - could you hunt them?  What land rights do they have?  How much protection would be needed for them?  Much like the undiscovered tribes in south america that are suddenly discovered and exposed to modern man.

One final thought - I think the Jacks Links beef jerky big foot commercials are a hoot and I love watching them.  Doesn't make me want to buy their product but enjoy watching them.

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Keep watching the

Keep watching the commercials, you'll end up buying their jerky just to see if it's any won't resist.

I wish bigfoot existed...then we could train them to like dog meat and transplant them to ID, MT and WY....they would take care of the wolves for us.

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Yeah, i read about this the

Yeah, i read about this the other day.  i have always thought it looked like a dog or coyote with a skin problem. 

Now we have to wait and see what Bigfoot actually is. lol

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I don't care what it is, it

I don't care what it is, it is ugly and even with the gloves on, you wouldn't get me to hold it.  Legends are fun, but it is fun to debunk them too.  Legends keep the imagination active and I enjoy them.


I hate it when an urban legend is squashed!  I hunt regularly in southwest Colorado and had secretly hoped I'd find a bloodsucking chupacabra that snuck north, okay, far north, of the Mexico border.

Next somebody is going to tell me that bigfoot is just an ex-NFL lineman with a hair follicle disorder and Nessie is just a carp with an insatiable appetite.

I do feel bad for them.  That type of skin disease must be horrible to live with.  Lets hope it keeps its status as a rare disorder.

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hairless dog

I heard it was actually a rare Mexican beed of hairless dog that's more common in the southern tropical part of Mexico too that had either become wild and migtrated or gotten loose locally.  I've also heard that it could be a coyote with a type of skin desease that makes it lose it's hair and turn it's skin dark.  There is some pretty good and clear footage on youtube from a LE cruiser dash-cam taken by either a state police or boarder patrol somewhere in either Arizona or Texas while the officer was patroling the back roads. 

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I think its funny how people

I think its funny how people continue to spread rumors about the videos of dogs and coyotes with mange being chupacabras. A DNA test is all that needs to be done to disprove any goat sucker theories there. I can not imagine the discomfort that those animals are going through with that severe a case of mange. I do not envy them.

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Dey Sure is UUgly!

Well - whatever they are, they sure are ugly!

I don't think I'd envy them even if they were healthy!