Child in Alberta Attacked by Cougar

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A young girl who was hiking with her family in the Kananaskis area was attacked on the trail by a cougar. The father scared the cougar off, and the girl suffered minor injuries, scratches and puncture wounds.

Conservation officers tracked the cougar and killed it. It was under 2 years old and was litter mates with a young cougar that was killed last month after attacking hikers near Canmore. Conservation officers believe the young cougars mother died early or left them on their own before teaching them how to survive in the wild. The cougars would attack anything that moved. From


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 I too always hate to see

 I too always hate to see animals taken down in that way, but it is for safety for all that matters.  I am glad that the little girl is gonna be OK.  I do wonder if they had tried a reloaction with these lions if it would have helped them, but I guess with maybe the lack of trainig the got they would have most likely just got into some more trouble and then done more damage to themselves and others.

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Thank God that the girl was not seriously hurt.

Thank God that the girl was not seriously hurt.  This seems like a sad state of affairs.  I'm always sorry to hear of the loss of any animal before it reached its full potential to contribute to the survival of the species, and this is especially true for those large animals that are fairly rare like the cougar, but it sounds like this might be the best end result that could be hoped for from a bad situation.  It seems to me that killing the pair of cougar was the right thing to do to prevent any future and potentially more serious (lethal) attacks in the future.  They were not evil, only hungry but that hunger and their lack of proper training in the skills needed to bring down their natural food made them a danger to anything in their path including humans.

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Another attack on the long

Another attack on the long list this year. We have had many bear attacks across the country from Wyoming and Colorado all the way over to New Jersey. There have been a couple of other couger attacks besides this one as well as at least one coyote attck on a human and many on pets with people close by. Thank God the girl was not badly hurt as a cougar is a very fast and dangerous animal. It sounds like this whole family had become a problem due to the circumstances so hopefully there will be no more to deal with now that these two have been taken care of.

We can talk about being prepared but it would still be a shock and surprise no matter how closely you think you are watching around you. I would assume that pepper spray would be just as good against a cougar as anything else and would be very worthwile to be carrying. A gun is great but if other people are involved and under attack a less lethal means might be required to avoid permanant injury to others while trying to save them.

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Wow, scary for sure.  I took

Wow, scary for sure.  I took my son into the woods for the first time just after he turned 2, and I thought of that exact scenario.  I was wondering how I would handle it, and ended up keeping him about a foot from my legs the whole time. I didn't want any mountain lion busting out of the brush and running away with him.

Glad to see that while there are some people commenting on how it shouldn't have been killed, they are doing so civilly.  Always seems to be some idiots that jump on those comment sections.