Chickens Make Tasty Coyote Snacks

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A Saugus, Massachusetts resident might lose his chicken coop after calling police when a coyote "feasted" on 10 of his chickens. It was a grisly scene for the responding officer, Canine Control Officer Harold Young. The coop had been left open and the fowl had been searching for food, when a coyote visited. Coyotes are opportunistic hunters, and if there is an easy meal such as chickens, they will return. After Young left, the resident called again to report that the coyote was back. Young told the resident to clean up the birds or the coyote would just keep coming back. “Their wildlife habitat is being disrupted and they have nowhere to go,” Young said.

The day after the resident called to report the coyote attack he went to Town Hall to get a permit to keep the chicken coop. Given the dense residential location it's more likely he will be getting an order to remove the chickens from the property.

Board of Health bylaws mandate that no person shall keep poultry within 50 feet of a residence nor within 15 feet of an adjoining plot line. From The Herald News.


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I know that there are as many

I know that there are as many ways to look at a situation as there are people, but I considered the standpoint that this man has been holding a few chickens on his property for years, if not decades. and when coyotes became a problem in his neighborhood, he will be the one forced to change. I don't know anything about that area of Massachusets, but given the way our country's revolution went down, you'd think that they would be all for liberty for all.

i've noticed that this type of behavior is becoming a pattern with the 40something generation. maybe it's a feeling of entitlement imposed on to an undeserved sense of accomplishment, but whatever it is, i don't let other people tell me what to do with my property, why should this guy? There is a reasonable amount of chickens that can reside on his property and as long as he doesn't exceed that, they won't make any more mess than a small dog (in my opinion, i'd rather have the chickens because the dogs poo usually stinks up people's back yards anyways.)

too bad for him, one rogue coyote hits his chickens and there goes his "chicken permit" or whatever... stupid idea anyways.

i guess i shouldn't rant about it, but the vision i have in my head is this old man with a small garden and a couple of chickens in his backyard. the garden and the chickens are probably the only thing he has for enjoyment inhis life, his wife passed away several years ago, the kids don't call or come over anymore. just him, his chickens and his little garden.

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If there is an easy meal to

If there is an easy meal to be had you can be sure that a coyote will be there to take advantage of it. It sounds like a fairly populated area so maybe this guy had no idea they were around but with a bunch of noisy chickens to call one in it would have to be expected.

the ironic thing is that in his attempt to get help with the situation he ratted himself out with the illegal chicken operation. I can't believe his neighbors never complained as around here just one chicken would get you a fine the day you brought it home. Seems people just love to report others in most cases.