Change for Mentored Youth Hunting in Pennsylvania

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In Pennsylvania this past week Governor Corbett signed Senate Bill 274, which allows an adult mentor to transfer one of their antlerless tags to a youth participating in the Mentored Youth Hunting Program. The Board of Commissioners are finalizing this bill so that it will take effect for the 2011-12 hunting season.

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program allows adults to mentor children younger than 12 that they deem able to hunt. 12 is when youngsters can get their own hunting licenses. The youth is not allowed to carry the gun and must remain an arms length away until the adult sets it up and the firearm must remain stationary. Most of the game the youth is allowed to hunt is more stationary as well, which is a reason why the commissioners wanted to allow them to hunt antlerless. In most areas there are more antlerless deer and bagging big game will help to keep the youth interested and excited about hunting. The animals the youths are currently able to hunt are squirrels, groundhogs, coyote, antlered deer and spring gobbler. From the Pocono Record.


my son started out hunt with

my son started out hunt with the mentored youth program on my ranch in Pa and he would have been trilled to have a chance to hunt more. this is a great bill and will help get more young hunters involved in the sport.

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I like the sounds of this new

I like the sounds of this new law inPennsylvania a lot. I started hunting big game at 12 like a lot of the others but I know some states still or have only recently changed the age from 14. My kids got nlucky and the law changed it down to 12 here in Colorado just before my oldest was turning that age. My grandson is only 2 right now but I have been looking into other states that will alow hunting at an earlier age. Texas was the first that came to mind as I have been there several times now and I know you can hunt as early as 8 and maybe even younger than that. Some kids are ready at that young of an age and some are not but if they are I think with guidance and practice they should be allowed to hunt under the right conditions such as those stated in this law.

Good job to the state of Pennsylvania for recognizing that the future of our sport is in the youth that are brough up in it early.