Chance for Sage Grouse

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Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Nevada will be opened up for a special sage grouse hunt. The Nevada Department of Wildlife will be accepting applications for this hunt until August 5th at 5 pm. Residents and non-residents can apply for this hunt. The hunt will span two weekends in September; the 17-18th, and then the 24-25th. A random drawing will determine the 75 lucky hunters. The limit is 2 grouse per day with a possession carry of 4. Reservations at the refuge, along the Nevada-Oregon boundary are required. From Greenfield Daily Reporter.


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I posted a couple of threads

I posted a couple of threads about sage grouse recently as I would really like to get at least one of them due to the possability of them getting put on the endangered species list and being banned from hunting forever. The problem is the seasons are very short and always seem to interfere with a big game hunt of some kind. I've never been able to devote a trip just for chasing them alone. I've only hunted one full day and although I did see a few they all flushed too far out and I quickly missed my chances. I've seen more in Wyoming than anywhere else but the antelope season doesn't overlap with the sage grouse season so I've never been able to shoot one there either. The only time it did overlap I didn't know about them and didn't hace a license when I saw them.

Too much going on this year but I think I'm going to plan an exclusive hunt next year no matter what it takes to get one.

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Grouse hunting was always one

Grouse hunting was always one of my favorite things to do back in Vermont. They are ruffed grouse (partridge), not sage grouse, but the same concept.  Absolutely love chasing after those thing.

Never could hit many of them lol, but loved hunting them. 

Seems like a good opportunity for the bird hunters in Nevada!

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That is pretty cool.  I

That is pretty cool.  I usually come across alot of grouse while archery elk hunting.  them little birds are lucky I do not feel like loosing alot of arrows to them.  They scare me so much and it always seem like they get when I am my most alertness and moving thru the a open park slowly.