Chairbound Hunters Helps Western Wheelchair Hunters

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The Daily Herald published an article about Kenneth Vaughn Jr and Chairbound Hunters. Mostly based in Wyoming, the nonprofit has recently opened a chapter in Utah and continues to grow yearly. While the hunts are challenging the hunters have a drive and determination to succeed.

Kenneth Vaughn Jr. has lived with his grandparents since he was a baby. It wasn't long before his grandfather, who is an avid hunter himself, introduced him to the hobby. Commenting on his grandson's love of hunting, Vaughn Sr. said, "My grandson has gone hunting with me since he was at least 7 years old and shot his first deer at age 12. He loves to hunt and photograph animals and outdoor scenes. We have not found a lot of hunting success, but with volunteer guides the successes have increased greatly."


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It is always great to see a

It is always great to see a lot of people coming forward to help out each other.  I like it that there is orginazations like all these out there helping all of us stay in thr field and keeping people in the woods no matter what.  Nothing should ever hold us back for going after I dreams and keeping the passion alive in all of us.

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I applaud and commend the

I applaud and commend the people that give their time to helping these guys and gals enjoy the outdoors and live a fuller life.

We recently had the disabled veterans outdoor and ski clinic here in the valley and to see the happiness in the faces of these heroes who gave so much is priceless.

Thank you to all for making our sport the best of all.