Chainsaw Self-Defense

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Apparently some folks just don't understand that metal whirling at high-rpms driven by a gas engine is in fact a deadly weapon. According to

A 67-year-old Stockton man used his chain saw to frighten off a man who not only tried to rob him, but pulled the trigger of a gun during the crime. It happened Sunday morning behind the Safeway Store in the Country Club neighborhood of Stockton. Jerry West was doing tree maintenance after one of the trees behind the store fell during heavy winds. That's when he was approached by a man with a gun.

Mr. West is lucky the thug's gun was defective and the thug is lucky Mr. West wasn't younger.


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thug or cougar

Thug or cougar, a chainsaw can serve as a pretty good weapon.  We had a guy here a year or so ago who was cutting firewood in the mountains and had to fend off an attacking cougar with his chainsaw.  I'm talking the cat here, not the horny human middle aged hotty female.

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What has happened to our

What has happened to our society?  It just amazes me every time I read a story like this.  Usually, they end up being much worse in that the victim isn't as lucky as this guy was and the gun actually fires and someone DIES!  For some reason the VALUE OF LIFE has been forgotten by way too many people today.  I mean, this young punk actually had the balls to not only try to take another man's belongings, but he used a loaded gun to enforce his actions.  Had that gun actually gone off and killed the other man, he would have had to dig through the pockets of a man that he just shot and collected what, a few dollars and a watch?  Although it isn't mentioned in the article because they haven’t caught him yet, my guess is that the young punk was trying to get money for drugs.

Now, as far as the guy using a chainsaw to protect himself, I imagine that it was just a reaction.  I bet he would have used whatever he had in his hand.  Did you see the video of the lady that hit the gun-wielding guy (at the school board meeting in Florida) with her purse?  That was crazy!  She actually had time to think things through and still tried to disarm him with a handbag!


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What a concept taking a

What a concept taking a chainsaw to a gun fight. To bad he didn't give the scumbag a shave with it and a haircut.


  Jim you shouldn't call older people (OLD BUZZARDS) very disrespectfull. Y

ou will be old one day.

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While this article does not

While this article does not specify is how the attackers gun was defective... the 67 year old man is very lucky that some dope crazed idiot did not end his life right there... some of the punks out there will shoot you as soon as look at you.

On the other side of the coin, you have to admire the old buzzard, using a chain saw to fend off a would be atacker or mugger!

What would have been a really interesting "public interest" piece would have been if the chain saw wielding senior citizen could have backed the punk into a corner and managed to "trim a few limbs" off of him - say, for instance, the left and right arms!!

I can hear the left leaning liberals howling now... how the man did not have to be so cruel and how could you do this to a promising young man!!

These same liberals would be quick to dimsiss the death of a "crazy old man" who was foolish enough to stand up to an unnamed attacker with a chain saw - I mean, really - what was he thinking????

In all seriousness, there is a fine balance between standing up for yourself and being foolish and unfortunately, I do feel like this older gentleman was probably going down an ill advised path - it would have been so very easy for the final tally of this story to read a lot differently.

While the proud and brave side of us wants to say "way to go, old Dad" - think about this - what if it were your father, he pulled this stunt and was killed... how many times would you say "I wish he had just turned over his wallet" - instead of "way to go, old Dad"??

I beleive I would be in the first camp, to tell you the truth.

Now, there is no gaurantee that the attacker would have stopped at just the wallet - he may have taken it and killed (or at least shot) anyway - but statistics say they do not.

I do not really want to gamble and bet my life on statistics, but in that case, I think you are better to bet the house...

The best ending to this story - although we may never hear it even if it happened, would be if the attacker were caught, put in jail and laughed at for having been backed down by an old man with a chain saw!

Think of the jailhouse shame in that one!

My .02, anyway...


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That guy is darn lucky, and

That guy is darn lucky, and not too bright.  It's always funny to hear about a story like this, but the fact is, this guy was one dud bullet from being dead, plain and simple.  He provoked it by not giving in to the guy. 

Now, if he had a concealed pistol, that he could draw and fire quickly, I might think differently.  But, to try and bring a chainsaw to a gun fight, he's asking for trouble.

Glad to see it worked out how it did, and he didn't get hurt.  Hopefully he will think twice before doing it again.

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That is a crazy turn of

That is a crazy turn of events. That guy is brave for standing up to his would be attacker but things could have gone much differently if the gun had gone off. That old guy would be dead. I see his point about not wanting to give up his hard earned money but he maybe should have realized that he was outgunned (pun intended). If you want to be able to defend yourself in a situation such as this I suggest moving to a state that allows concealed carry. Although a chain saw can be used as a weapon, it is no match for a person armed with a firearm... and I think you might have a hard time concealing a chainsaw under your normal clothes. I don't think they make inside the waistband holsters for tree care gear. I'm glad that there is a happy ending to the story however and I am reminded of the movie, "Gran Torino" and Clint Eastwood when I read this.

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That is a real crazy story. 

That is a real crazy story.  That guy is really lucky the gun did not go off.  Only bad thing I can think of is the robber nows where he lives.  I guess whatever weapon you have used it and defend yourself.