Caribou Left to Rot Angers Aboriginals

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Three dozen dead caribou were found along a road near Lynn Lake, in Manitoba, Canada. It could have been the work of hunters who had licenses, with those licenses they are permitted to harvest 2 caribou each. However, the fact that the meat was left to rot and the whole animal was left except the antlers, has angered the Aboriginal chiefs.

The Aboriginal chiefs are angered at the waste, and think the province needs to enforce harsher rules for "wasteful, recreational slaughter." The Aboriginal people use the whole animal, from the hide, to the tongue, they use it all. With the high costs of food in the area this was just a tremendous waste.

Chief Joe Antsanen with the Northlands Denesuline First Nation discovered the gruesome mess. He said this is not the first time he has seen caribou left after recreational hunting. Last year on a winter road he came upon caribou heads that had been cut off and spray painted different colors. The three dozen caribou was the largest number he has seen that were obviously killed just for recreation. Before contacting province officials, he alerted the media with gruesome pictures so that they could see the magnitude of waste.

The chiefs are pushing for an investigation on the slaughter.

Along with the investigation, they're also calling for more patrols by conservation officers on winter roads.

Provincial officials didn't immediately respond to requests for comment. Aboriginal chiefs say they were told by Manitoba Conservation workers in Thompson the slaughter could have been carried out by about 15 licensed hunters who were each legally allowed to kill two caribou. From Winnipeg Free Press.


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Caribou slaughter

Whoever did this should be arrested to the full extent of the law! I have hunted caribou and it is one of the finest meat I have eaten.Such a waste by hunters that give other hunters a bad name.I hope they catch the ones that did this,as I would be mad too.I have found in N.Y.  a number of deer shot and left to rot and it really made me mad to find this.