Car and Bike Lead FWC to Poachers

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers spotted a white Chevy Cavalier parked along Summerlin Road in South Fort Myers and a bike chained to a fallen tree. The officers knew there were several large lakes inside the wooded area, and followed the tracks to where another fallen tree had knocked over a fence. Lee County Utility owns the property inside the fenced area. Posted on the fence are several no trespassing signs, in English and Spanish.

Several men were spotted net fishing by a lake. Four men came out of the lake area and were charged with trespassing on Lee County Utility's property. Later the two that had remained and were fishing for tilapia in the lake left the area as well. When the FWC officers inspected the harvest, there wasn't only tilapia in the bag - there was a small skinned alligator. The men said they had disposed of the skin, and the officers were unable to find it. Rodrigo Flores Trojillo, 33, and Mayolo Reyes, 51, if convicted of the felony, both face up to a $5,000 fine and 5 years in prison for illegally taking an alligator. From


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I'm glad to see that they

I'm glad to see that they caught these guys. I see the same thing going on here all the time in Colorado where I live. We have a few areas that are stocked for the kids and signs are up all over the place in both languages as well. But every time you visit there are a bunch of adults happily fishing away with a stringer of fish well over a legal limit and it seems no one ever watching to catch them. I have also talked to many here at work with no regard to the laws telling stories of whole bags or buckets of fish that friends of thiers have caught. They seem to think that I'm the stupid one when I mantion the fishing laws and only keeping four fish per day.

At least they catch some of these people once in awhile.