Capital One Rejects Hunting Photo For Personalized Credit Card

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NRA Hunters Rights is running the story of Lou Hinger who wanted to personalize a credit card with a photo of her husband with a buck he took last fall. Despite Capital One's desire for card holders to "Express Themselves" with personalized images, the card company rejected the hunting photo.

“We are livid,” says Hinger, “as we are God-serving Americans who hunt to feed our family. In these economic times our family is fed by hunting, and it’s horrible to be associated with words like ‘hatred or violence.’ “I tried to call for an explanation twice; no one will get on the phone. Also, their terms are vague. However, someone took the time to specifically write that response pertaining to our image.


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I am outraged by that. We

I am outraged by that. We live in a society that promotes equal access to all, equal rights to all. Yeah right!!!!! Capital One will definitely not ever get my business.

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Wow!! thats pretty stupid, if

Wow!! thats pretty stupid, if its the consumers card why the heck not, its supossed to be a personalized card, this is just plain stupid. I'm glad i got rid of my capitol one card. I dont see anything wrong with someone wanting to put a deer they had harvested on there card. I could understand a nudity pic or something illegal but a hunting pic, come on

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I might try that myself with

I might try that myself with my Capital  One Card, good reason to get rid of it and get the NRA card , they will post your pic as long as there is no blood.

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While I do not have a Capital

While I do not have a Capital One card...that would have been  a pretty cool thing to have...too bad!

"What's In Your Wallet?"

Based on this, whats NOT in my wallet is a Capital One card.  I'll stick with my Cabala's card.

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whats NOT in my wallet

I'm also with you, Hal.  My Cabela's card has the picture of my Cape Buffalo that I also have as my avatar.  If the over paid corporate idiots at Capital One won't allow hunting pictures, their card will Definitely NOT be in my wallet.

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I'm with you Hal. Capital One

I'm with you Hal. Capital One won't allow a hunting photo, but I'll bet they allow a lot of other types of pictures that would be considered offensive by many people.