Can't Hunt Grizzly Bears, Relocate Them

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Over the past two weeks 8 grizzlies have been relocated in Montana. All were relocated for various reasons, the most unlucky was a grizzly that got caught in a trap for a black bear. Other reasons were killing chickens, sheep, eating pig food, or fruit from people's yard.

The captured grizzly bears included a female with two cubs of the year, a female with a yearling, two subadult males, and an adult male.

The bears were taken to a more remote location. The adult and solitary bears were given collars, and some of the cubs or yearlings were given ear transmitters. October is actually the busiest month of human bear interactions, as the bears summer food is usually gone by this time and they still are fattening up before denning. Denning usually happens half way through November.

Montana FWP would like to remind residents to keep their bear attractants inside. For hunters it is better to hang your harvest in your garage, especially if you live by the woods. If you cannot use your garage hang it at least 10 feet off the ground. From Whitefish Pilot Online.


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After all the bear attacks

After all the bear attacks this year in Montana and other places it's no surprise to see that they have had to start relocatng some of them. Eight in two weeks sounds like an awful lot of them when talking about grizzlies but I have no idea how big the population is. Fortunately these particular bears have not had an agressive problem towards people so hopefully that will stay the same. I wonder how large the population has become and if there ever will be a need or possability to get to hunt them. It sure sounds like it with all the stories lately so hopefully they will be added to the list even if in very limited numbers of animals to be hunted. Just like the wolves maybe the time has come to keep them under better control.

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I am glad that Montana is

I am glad that Montana is relocating these bears and they do not seem to be real "trouble" bears. Hope it works and there will not be any more issues with them. However as I have stated before, I think it is time Montana, Wyoming and Idaho start looking at a limited grizzly hunt as the bears seem to be doing very well and for sure are expanding their range. I have not seen any info in regards to this so maybe it is being talked about but just not in a public forum yet. They had enough crap from the wolf nuts so maybe they are waiting to start the next round of extreme bear lovers. I am sure if they ever open up a limited amount of tags every one would be purchased and the quota would be filled.

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  Reading the full article


Reading the full article this is 8 bears being relocated within JUST the past two weeks.  I think this is just a beginning of what the state of Montana will be doing for another 2 to 4 weeks.

I don't know why these bears were not all collared.  If you were looking to track the movements and their possible 2nd interactions within a human situation I would think all 8 would have been fitted with collars or tracking devices.

We have read a great deal of bear and human interaction this year.  Montana has been in the bear encounter news before.  Hopefully this is just a unique year and the bears head for hibernation areas within the next two weeks.

Pretty funny - the main article contains an advertiser - Jersey Boys Pizzaria.  More bears looking for pizza!


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Well, with all the bear

Well, with all the bear reports from all across the west,  don't think this is any surprise that Montana has had this many encounters.  Good recommendations given by Montana FWP about how to care for your harvest afterwords.  Of course, these grizzlies are so big and tough, it would be my luck that I would come home, and the bear would have broken down the garage door to get at the meat.  Those guys are tough! lol

It would be interesting to see the data from the transmitters and see what the recurrance rate is for problem bears.  I know in alot of states the bear only gets one chance.  If they reappear in an area near homes or people again, they are often euthanized.