Canada Lynx Threatened by Loss of Habitat

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Global warming is being blamed for the decrease of the Canada Lynx in Maine. The lynx once roamed throughout the northeastern United States and Rocky Mountains, now it is a threatened species in 13 states. The Canada Lynx used to be found as far south as Pennsylvania, but now Maine is the only state east of the Mississippi River that is home to the lynx. Federal and state agencies are afraid that they might lose the lynx altogether. They want to make sure there is ample habitat for the snowshoe hare, and also conserving and managing large blocks of forests with diverse habitat for the Canada Lynx, from

In Boise Idaho, environmental groups (Alliance for the Wild Rockies and the Native Ecosystems Council) are suing to block a proposed 7000 acre logging project on the western border of Yellowstone National Park. The complaint accuses the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of failing to determine the impact logging would have on habitat potentially critical to the Canada lynx. They are saying that the data for logging on the Split Creek Timber is flawed. Caribou-Targhee National Forest approved the project in December of 2009, and it has passed administrative appeal, from


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i think that no one wants to

i think that no one wants to put the blame where it lies. on development and encroachment.

habitat loss, road building, loss of surface water from excessive irrigation and oil exploration are the real problems.

i pray for the day when we run out of oil and all of the people who fought against sportsmen and rednecks in general beg us to help them survive.

logging operations in my opinion at least provide something to the economy. the timber land will be gone in a few years anyways once the ecosystem ages because it will be destroyed by wildfire and controlled burns... because that's what the ecosystem needs. deforestation by logging, or fire.

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I put no stock at all in the

I put no stock at all in the global warming theories and can't believe they are still trying to blame everything on it. The lynx are a beautiful animal and I have seen one here in Colorado since the re introduction program started but I am not in support of apending all the money they do to save or expand their range. I think they use animals like this to try and stop a multitude of other land use  activities of the sportsmen.

Hopefully they will always be out there somewhere but in my opinion most areas down here just can't support them anymore.

one of the comments from the

one of the comments from the actual article mentioned that one lynx lives in spain, its more of habitat change than global warming I would think.

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global warming??

I thought the global warming theory was dead! After the last couple winters I can't imagine anyone really thinks we're still experiencing global warming.  They better look for the real reason the lynx is on the decline. Maybe they're freezing and starving to death like so much of our wildlife has this past winter.