Camp Roberts National Guard Base Closed to Hunting

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Last year 6,000 hunters and anglers came to hunt and fish at Camp Roberts National Guard Base in California. This year the base is closed to all hunters and anglers due to current construction on the base. For all of 2011 and most of 2012 the base will be closed to hunters and anglers, until the construction projects are over. From


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Very unfortunate that Camp

Very unfortunate that Camp Roberts has to close this year to hunting.  this is the second big public ground area that has been closed to hunters out here.  Sometimes these military bases offer some of the best hunting opportunites around.  Vandenburg, Fort Hunter Liggett, Camp roberts, all are good ones.

Usually it's fire risk that closes land out here.  You would think that they could have worked around the construction to keep it open.  6,000 hunters and fishermen isn't a small amount in anyone's book.

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that's a heck of a lot of

that's a heck of a lot of guys that will be looking for a new place to go this year. It would be interesting to know how many were hunters and how many were fishermen though. I bet when the place opens back up it will be really popular for awhile as everyone trys to take advantage of any population increase or trophy quality from the lack if being hunted for nearly two full years. It must be a pretty good place to go now if that many guys are using it. I have never taken advantage of theses kind of properties but I'm glad to see that they are usually available for those who need them.

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Seems to me that that is kind

Seems to me that that is kind of short notice this year, hopefully hunters can make the change.  But atleast they ket you know now and the not the week before seasons open.