California Man Gets Surprise in Driveway

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Vaz Terdandenyan of La Crescenta, California, was awoken Tuesday morning by helicopter sounds. He was walking down his driveway to see if he could find out what was going on, and was texting his boss to let him know he might be a little late getting into work. When he looked up from texting he was face to face with a large black bear.

The helicopter belonged to station KTLA, that was taping the bear, and captured the encounter of Terdandenyan coming down the stairs, and the bear going up the stairs of the driveway. The bear showed no signs of aggression, but Terdandenyan turned and ran back to his house when he saw the bear.

The bear ran into a neighbor's yard, where it was later captured by officials. It took three tranquilizer darts to knock the bear out, then put into a culvert trap. The bear was released into Angeles National Forest. From


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:lol:  Yeah, I was watching

:lol:  Yeah, I was watching breaking news on this when it was happening.  To say he got a surprise is an understatement.  Too funny......