California Law Too Vague in Feeding Big Game Mammals

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A 77 year old woman who was charged with feeding big game mammals last summer will not pay fines, serve jail time or do any community service. Lynn Gravier of Laytonville faced a misdemeanor charge but received a deferred sentence in the case. Department of Fish and Game got a search warrant last summer after neighbors had called to complain about too many bears in the Laytonville neighborhood. One woman said a bear had torn up her truck cab, and another said a bear broke into her house and had torn out insulation. When the DFG officials searched Gravier's property they seized over 500 lbs of rolled corn, that Gravier had mixed with oil and dog food to feed the bears.

Gravier had a thing for bears, and had been feeding them for the last 22 years. Her lawyer said there were neighbors who did not want to have anything to do with the case, Gravier is a sweet old lady who just likes feeding bears. Also community members said that she was only caring for animals that had been displaced by poachers and illegal marijuana growers. The law only says it is illegal to knowingly feed big game mammals, and that this has many loopholes as to what is considered big game. As some bears are in that criteria and others are not. Gravier's attorney, Duckler believes most of the evidence was circumstantial and he is pleased with the outcome of the trial.

"If she obeys all laws, including not feeding any bears, and allows Fish and Game to search her premises at reasonable times, then the plea will be withdrawn and the case dismissed,"Mendocino County Deputy District Attorney Tim Stoen said. "We were not trying to punish her in any way; we just wanted to stop the bear feeding." The DFG are happy the feedings will stop, as that proves problematic for the bears and the people in the vicinity. From The Ukiah Daily Journal.


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Once again it is clear that

Once again it is clear that people just don't get it when it comes to feeding animals. What's surprising is how much this woman was feeding them and how big a problem she has sreated and then the people she put in danger come to her defense that she was only helping the poor things!!

In other cases people have been pursued for provinding only a few small scraps or in places like where I live you will be fined if your trash can is not compliant for bear proof reasons. I understand her age and such but several generations of bears have been trained to look to people for the snacks they eat every day and someone would have eventually gotten hurt before this was over. Hopefully nothing will happen now that the free food has come to an end.

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Talk about a loophole.  There

Talk about a loophole.  There are lots of people up in the northern part of the state who feed wildlife, it's just usually deer.  They don't seem to realize how detrimental it can be to have the deer and bears rely on people for their food.  What happens if that person moves or dies, and the animals have to then fend for themselves?  Some of them will know nothing other than using humans for food.

And I find it laughable that the people are blaming displacement by poachers and marijuana growers.  If you ask me, the residents might be the ones who are using a little too much of that product, if you know what i mean... lol