Bullet Ricochets Off Moose and Kills Man

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Some strange news coming out of Sweden, according to The Telegraph, a man was killed by a bullet that ricocheted off a moose. The Telegraph article says "elk," but presumably the actual game animal was a moose. North Europeans tend to call a moose an elk and the picture on the Telegraph is of a red stag; confused yet?

A female hunter accidentally shot dead 70-year-old cross-country skier when a bullet she fired ricocheted off an elk and struck the victim, according to reports. Police were investigating the incident and the account given by the female hunter and her companion about the bullet first striking the elk and then bouncing off to hit the skier, killing the man instantly.

Without knowing the exact details of the shot, the location of the moose, and the unfortunate skier its difficult to know exactly what happened. This article about the incident seems to suggest that the bullet passed through the moose rather than ricocheting.


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I read this with true dismay,

I read this with true dismay, as any accident like this is tragic.

As long as this is not a murder disguised as a hunting accident, it is just incredibly sad.

It does sound like the hunter failed to do her part, for sure - although I suspect stupidity and indeptitude (while they are the likely culprit) not not create a situation where she is not guilt ridden - I am sure she is likely dying inside...

My guess is she will likely never hunt again and maybe that is a fair penalty for the failure to exercise good judgement.  

I genuinely feel for the family of the shiier - if there was ever a freak accident, this has to qualify.

You also have to wonder about the circumstances that led a hunter, a skiier and a rather large mammal to be in such close surroundings anyway... you would think that regulations would have these two activities separated.

Imagine someone hunting on the slopes at Steamboat Springs - sounds pretty far fetched, doesn't it?

I guess Steamboat is not a good analogy since he was a cross country skiier - heck, maybe the areas there are open for both things at the same time??

OK, so let's cross off the cross country ski / elk (or moose, stag) trip to Sweden in 2011!

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She broke a golden rule!

She broke a golden rule!  Always beware of your target and beyond!  That is one of the reasons I have questioned several people that say they shoot tree squirrels with a .22.  If you miss, where is that round going?

I feel soory for the deceased and his family!  RIP

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Wow, talk about bad

Wow, talk about bad luck...... But, I agree, she must not have taken precautions when seeing what was behind the animal.  Pretty sad to have that happen, no matter the excuse.

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That is a crazy story, but

That is a crazy story, but something does sound a little fishy!

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The bullet ricocheted off of

The bullet ricocheted off of the moose, or red stag for that matter and killed the cross country skier... I do not think so. My first inclination was that there was that part of the story was changed in translation and I think I found the part of the article that explains it. The article states, "However, there have been incidents of a bullet ricocheting out of the game, continuing and killing the hunter`s dog situated near the prey," he added. They are using the term ricocheting pretty much for any time that a bullet hits anything but the desired target. Bullets can and do change path once they get into an animal and it can be anyones guess where it might end up. But I wouldn't use the term ricochet for this occurance.

 The article goes on to say, "According to Barnekow, it is the hunter`s responsibility to ensure that there is a so-called safety area behind the target: a hill or firm ground behind the animal where the bullet can land safely if the shot misses."

Duh... and it sure looks like this lady did not do her part. Yes, it can get pretty darn exciting when the animal that you have a tag for steps out into the open but it is your duty to make sure that you are not endangering anything but your target when you pull that rifle up. I feel sorry for the family of the deceased. That is not the way I would want to go out.