Bullet Not Grizzly Killed Hunter

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Last week Steve Stevenson was in the news as the man who called the grizzly to himself to protect his hunting partner Ty Bell. The men were hunting in the northern Idaho, Montana area when Bell had shot what he thought was a black bear. The men followed it into the dense forest and were attacked. Stevenson called it to himself.

After an autopsy it has been revealed that Stevenson died from a bullet wound. Bell was shooting at the bear as it attacked Stevenson, the bullet traveled through the grizzly and into Stevenson. This was the cause of death. Stevenson did show visible signs of bear attack and it is believed it was an accident, but more investigation is underway. From Charleston Gazette.


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It was a horrible acident the

It was a horrible acident the first time I read the story. It's very sad that it was the bullet the killed that man. I don't know how I could go on know that it was my bullet the killed my friend. He did what he thaught he had to do. The bear maybe could have killed him if the other guy didn't do something. I just can't get over all of the Grizzly encounters this year and how hunters and hikers still don't carry bear spray. It has been proven to be better at detering bears from an attack. I feel really bad for all parties involved here and my thaughts and prayers go out to the families for their loss. Lets hope for a safe remainder of the hunting season with no more attacks.

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very sad

That is even more sad than the origianl story.  It is just tragic on every level.

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Oh man that has got to be

Oh man that has got to be ahrd to deal with.  bad enough he was giving up his own safety to protect you and then an accident like that happens.  Man that sucks.  I surfe do hope that officals just let it go as an accident and do not press any charges against the other guy.  he has enough to deal with and live with on his plate.  Even though he did not mean to do it that would be incredibly hard to deal with.  I am not sure if our how I would be able to live with myself.  I hope that it all works out for all parties in this matter and hopefully the hunter that survied will be able to just accept the fact that while it is a terrible accident it was just that an accident.  Best wished to the family and friends of the fallen hunter.

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Like you other guys have

Like you other guys have said, I don't know how I could live with myself if something like this were to happen. In the act of trying to save a friend you end up taking his life instead. Hopefully he can get the help needed to live with this and the family of the other man will be able to forgive him. I don't believe there was any foul play involved as I have read of this happening before in some African articles. In the one I read nobody was killed but people were severly injured. Just something else to keep in mind when hunting anything that could be considered dangerous game.

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That is just awful when bad

That is just awful when bad things like this happen to people.

This man is a true hero and I think the other guy will never forget what happen and he will always remember Mr. Stevenson a true hero who mostlikely saved another mans life. But the awful part about it was that his own life was taken.

I send my deepet sympathy out to the family and everyone else that new this great man.

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Awe Man - WOW!  Ca_Vermonster - I thought the exact same thing last week while reading the initial article.  Mr. Stevenson is still a hero here.  We'll never know what the outcome could have been... but his action to call the bear towards him is still without question what a hero does.  I certainly have empathy for all involved.  Regardless it will weigh heavily - very heavily on Mr. Bell.  I hope he gets the help needed - as he will need it to get past this event... however I don't  think I could ever get past it if I was in the same situation.  I also pray for the family that they can focus on the heroics of Mr. Stevenson and also find forgiveness.


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Wow!  What a turn of events! 

Wow!  What a turn of events!  That actually flashed through my mind when I first heard what happened, but I blew it off and didn't give it a second thought. 

Assuming it was indeed an accident, and the other guy was just shooting at the grizzly, you have to feel for him.  Maybe the guy would have died from the grizzly attack, but you will never know.  He's have to live with the fact that his shot is what technically killed the guy.

Hopefully it was only an accident, and not intentional......