Bull Moose Sportsmen's Alliance Goes to Washington

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Bull Moose Sportsmen's Alliance is a fledgling group trying to get conservation minded sportsmen together to have a voice in Washington. The group is Denver based and has 2,700 members, in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Minnesota and Montana. They met last Wednesday with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and other officials. The group wants to push for federal policies that will improve hunting and fishing opportunities. Salazar said this may be ignored as Congress officials are busy dealing with the deficit.

The Bull Moose Sportsmen's Alliance is working on promoting access to public land, science based habitat conservation, and Second amendment rights. From Fox19.com.


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This sounds like an organization that might be worthy of members

This sounds like an organization that might be worthy of membership!  I could be New York State’s only member holding the power to completely represent my state’s majority (and sole) opinion!  I'm all for anything that encourages more hunting opportunities so long as they are long term goals that include game management – not just upping the tags in a single year resulting in some sort of mass kill off of the breeding population – but anything that encourages more long term hunting opportunity sounds good to me and I'd be happy to support it.  I could use the dollars I'm saving by not subscribing to hunting magazines (because I get so much good reading on BigGameHunt.net) to support the organization!  Hmmm, I might just have to look into more details….

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Yeah that does sound good.

Yeah that does sound good. You might be having a moose season in NY before too long from what I read! That would be a very cool thing for you guys. Last article said that you guys have a rough population of 300-500 with an anual increase of 11-15%. Won't be long and I will be applying for a NY permit! lol