Budget Cuts Wipe Out Minnesota Wolf Control

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The Star Tribune has a write up on how recent U.S. Department of Agriculture budget cuts have wiped out funding to manage wolves that threaten farm animals or pets. The funding cut comes at a difficult time for the state, with rising wolf numbers and calving underway.

The Department of Natural Resources was notified Monday that Congress last month wiped out the U.S. Department of Agriculture's program to remove wolves that attack or threaten farm animals and pets. Only authorized federal trappers are allowed trap or kill the wolves, which otherwise are protected by the federal Endangered Species Act.


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Sorry to hear about that

Sorry to hear about that there in Minnesota. Maybe they can get delisted and the state can regulate them.

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Too bad for minnesota and

Too bad for minnesota and probaly soon other states, being from minnesota orginaly and seeing wolfs in northern minnesota i can say this will become a problem and fast. hopefully theyu can figure something out. Or the Government can just remove the wolfs from the endanger speices act and let the state manage them all together that would help out a lot, but that would take brains and we all know the government doesnt have any of those.