Budget Bill Clears House and Senate Opening Way For Wolf Delisting

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Having passed the House and Senate, the federal bill to keep the government funded through September 30th heads to President Obama's desk. The rider delisting the gray wolf in Montana and Idaho has survived both congressional votes and is poised to be the first ESA delisting enacted by congress. Reuters has a write up on the rider and its potential passage.

The rider is being hailed by ranchers who see the growing wolf population in the Northern Rockies as a threat to their herds. Cattle producers, hunters and state game wardens say wolf packs in some places are preying unchecked on livestock and other animals such as elk. President Barack Obama is expected to sign the bill...


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This is great news, I hope

This is great news, I hope now it will make its way to the presidents desk and he signs it. At this point it doesnt look like the activists can do much to stop it. I like how Judges wont be able to mess with this as well. Lets just hope now that they will expand this bill to all states that have wolf problems and states that have wolfs but arent a big problem yet. its should be the states right to manage animals as they see fit. Good job to the congressman who put this bill in action and finally stepped up to what the people want and not give in to the lobbiests and anti's.

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That is great news. 

That is great news.  Hopefully this will finally get some closuer to this whole ordeal and we can finally put this thing to bed and be done with it.  But that is easier said than done with all the activists out there...they will find some way to slow the process down.

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This is good news I

This is good news I particularly like the provision that denies judicial review. At least now Judge Molloy  won't interfering with Montana and Idaho. Lets hope congress will extend the rest of the states where the gray wolf is being protected.

Qoute from Molloy "Congress has clearly determined that animals on the ESA must be protected as such," and the court couldn't "exercise its discretion to allow what Congress forbids."