Buck Trashes Maryland Home

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Continuing with the deer-gone-wild news, it appears that a whitetail buck went through an elderly couple's window and proceeded to trash the house in a frenzy according to NBC. Fortunately a fast acting neighbor was able to come to the rescue and tried to wrestle the buck out of the home, but eventually had to resort to shooting the deer.


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I guess the guy did not

I guess the guy did not realize how strong the deer was when he started to wrestle the buck. I have had a first hand witness to the strength of a deer. I hit a little spike buck a couple of years ago, couldn't have been more than 125 lbs. He had a busted shoulder and leg from the accident. I didn't have a gun to dispatch the deer so I grabbed him to dispatch him with a knife. No can do, he jerked his head away, got to his feet and hobbled off into the woods. I retrieved a shotgun from the house and returned to take care of the deer but I couldn't find him anywhere near the scene of the accident.

I don't think I would have tried to wrestle the buck out of the house, but I would have been hesitant to shoot a shotgun in someone else's house. Tough call for sure, but what do you do to protect the people inside the house. I'm sure they said to do whatever you have to do to get the buck out of the house.

That brings up a crazy thought. What about using a stun gun to temporarily incapacitate the deer? Would that work?

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Wow... Now that guy has got a

Wow... Now that guy has got a story to tell. Here is my deal though. Why would you even try to wrestle the animal unless it had just gotten in and was right by the window? Did he really think that it was just going to give up and go limp and let him carry him outside. We are not talking about a fawn here. They did not show a picture of the buck (probably because this guys shotgun did quite the number on it!) but it sounds like it was mature. If I am in this situation, I am going in locked, cocked and ready to rock. Which brings up another point... Why did he not have the firearm loaded until he was face to face with the thing!? He said that he was fumbling to put the bullets in the right barrel. This guy is crazy. I am just glad that no one, including him, were hurt. He definitely put his life on the line for his nieghbors and is a great guy... but I would have gone about things a little differently.

Deer Gone Crazy

I do wonder what is about glass that sets them off?  Do you think it is a reflection thing?  Its crazy how often this happens.  Well it inst all that common but it is not rare either.  Madness

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Pretty wild.  I hace seen

Pretty wild.  I hace seen some similar vidoe of deer getting into homes and man they just freak out understanably, and man they can do alot of damage quickly.

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You hear about this happening

You hear about this happening a couple times a year.  I saw one a few weeks ago, don't know how old the video is, but surveillance at a bar showed people sitting around drinking.  Then, 2 deer smash through the front glass door, and go running around the bar.  A couple of the patrons eventually jumped on them and got them outside.

Just good to see nobody got hurt, cause those critters can be unpredictable when in a frenzy and panicking.

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I recall as a kid, a buck

I recall as a kid, a buck crashed through the plate glass window of the auto department at Sears, in downtown Savannah, Georgia – not once, but twice in successive years!

In both instances, the store was heavily damaged – and in one of these instances, the buck had to be euthanized (badly injured) and in  the other, he simply waltzed back out the window after wreaking havoc – and escaped!

There were very little woods in this area – the edge of Hunter Army Airfield was the only real woods there and that area had a 6 foot chain link fence around it - topped with several strands of barbed wire.

When the fall comes, there is no telling where a buck will be found and what he will be doing when you find him.

They are wild and unpredictable and quite often, human interaction with them during this period is catastrophic… most of the time for the deer and quite often, for the human!