Buck Pays a Christmas Visit to a Salt Lake City Family

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On Christmas Eve one Salt Lake City family was hoping for Santa and his reindeer, but instead got a buck that had crashed into their home. The Kellers believe that the deer tripped on a window well and fell into their home through a window. While waiting for wildlife officers, they captured several photos and videos. It will be a Christmas they won't soon forget.

"When you're waiting for Santa and his sleigh and his reindeer to come and land on your roof, and he comes through your basement window, we're not gonna forget it," said Casey Keller. 

Officers with the Division of Wildlife Resources eventually came to help. They did have to put the deer down to get him out. Coincidentally, Casey said that later on that night he was driving just down the street from his house when another deer jumped in front of him, colliding with his car. From KSL.com.