Brown’s Bear Bill Fails in Colorado

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After getting through the initial vote in the Colorado house, Bill 1294, to allow hunting black bears starting in June, is set to die. The bill would've kept in place previous regulations of not hunting with dogs, bait, or killing bears with cubs. This bill would have allowed more flexibility for the Colorado Division of Wildlife to deal with the growing black bear population. Brown will try again according to The Durango Herald.

“I really believe the Division of Wildlife needs to have more flexibility on bear hunting to take care of some of these problem bears,” Brown said. “I don’t want to hurt other legislators because of it, but we have to take care of some of these human-bear conflicts.”


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I think Colorado is missing the mark on this one.

Brown is right that as bear populations grow in the state of Colorado and elsewhere the human – bear conflicts need addressing.   

 I am always in favor of hunting as the most sane, economical, and efficient solution to any need to reduce game animal populations.  I applaud the portion of the bill that would restrict hunting to bears without cubs.  I have no opinion on the baiting or use of dogs in bear hunting except to say that I do not object to it in controlled seasons to manage bear populations.  I am not strongly in favor of or opposed to either of those options.  If a reduction in the number of bears is the end goal than baiting and use of dogs would most likely help that goal to be better accomplished, but there is nothing wrong with promoting spot and stalk bear hunting either.   

I think Colorado is missing the mark on this opportunity but I look forward to watching how this will play out and seeing what other options they might try to use to accomplish the same objective.

Just my thoughts, but maybe you guys who live there have a different perspective?

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from what i understand,

from what i understand, colorado is experiencing a increase in bear numbers which is leading to game officials wanting to expand the season on hunting them. the problem is that baiting is still not allowed and it is the most effective means of hunting bear in the spring. spot and satlk spring bear hunting is slightly more difficult than in the fall.

i am concerned that with only expanding the season, they won't reach their harvest objectives and then other ideas that would be more effective in managing the bear population there.

I am considering trying a fall hunt there this year just for the heck of it, but getting the tag is an issue and i  already have lots of applications in. i think that not being able to plan our seasons are probably the largest problem we will face in the next decade. even less than premium units will require drawing and general tags will go out the window.

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Well I don't think there is

Well I don't think there is much of a surprise here and I really don't think this one is too much of an issue anyway. I know I don't know all the ins and outs of it but I don't think hunting in June and July is something everyone was waiting for. Without the use of bait or dogs I don't thinl things will change much for the success rate no matter which months you are hunting them in. The greatest number of sightings and interactions with humans is in the fall and you can hunt them then anyway.

Like I said there may be a bigger purpose so I will wait for someone better informed to point it out for me.