'Bringing Nature Out of the Darkness'

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"Bringing Nature Out of the Darkness" is the title of the book that Carey McWilliams is working on. McWilliams lost his sight 28 years ago, when he was just 10 years old, however he has never let that stop him in any of his adventures, whether it be writing, or sky diving. His latest adventure, hunting an alligator.

McWilliams is from Fargo, North Dakota. He has hunted plenty here, along with his wife Victoria. However, he wanted to hunt an alligator. He headed to the Everglades, working with a guide and two men who hunt alligators. They started their hunt on an air-boat, but after almost capsizing and other misadventures they decided to hunt from the shore in a truck.

McWilliams was left by the truck while the rest of the group went off to try and find a gator. McWilliams using his braille watch realized they'd been gone for an hour, he was worried about them and himself, but then they returned. They had found a big gator.

They led McWilliams to where the alligator was, and threw out a hook and line. The gator headed towards them quickly. When they were able to lasso it, they gave McWilliams a bang-stick. McWilliams used that bang-stick on the alligator being only half a foot away from his toes, and large enough to break free from the lasso. The alligator McWilliams harvested was over 11 feet, and too large to be weighed but estimated at 500 lbs.

McWilliams would like to have an African Safari adventure to end his book with. In the meantime he is planning a wild boar hunting trip in Texas and would one day like to hunt black bear and grizzly bear.

“My goal,” Carey says, “is to show that my having a gun permit for over a decade certifies that a blind person can carry one safely.”Besides, he says, he wants to “take on all fish and game, dangerous and more common, in order to demonstrate what disabled people can do if given the opportunity.” From InForum.com.