Bridger-Teton National Forest to Start Grizzly Trapping July 6th

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Wyoming Wildlife officials are baiting traps for grizzly bears as part of an ongoing effort to monitor their population. Monitoring the grizzlies is part of a federal program to rebuild their population. Traps will be set in two areas; Moran Junction — the Blackrock-Spread Creek areas July 6th- 25th. Then from July 26-August 12th the trapping will be taking place in the Fox Park area of the Teton Wilderness. Officials trap the bears, tranquilize them, process and then release the bears. Last year a 70 year old man who was hiking was killed after he ran into a freshly released bear. Wildlife officials say they will be posting lots of notices near where the trapping is taking place. From The Greenfield Reporter.


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I think they should trap and

I think they should trap and release them In Washington DC.  Then maybe release them in other states..  I just think they are cool bears. 

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Wow I guess I missed that

Wow I guess I missed that last year about the hiker getting killed after the bear was released. I wonder if the bear was upset about what he had just gone through or not fully aware of what was going on yet. Hopefully people will get the message this time with the warnings that are being put up and stay clear of the area for awhile till it's over. I've always known about the gtizzlies up there but not at all about how many or hoe the population is actually doing. I always assumed they were doing well but maybe that's not the case. Hopefully this is moneyt well spent and the population will be managed properly to maintain the desired numbers and not get out of control like has happened with the wolves.

I have seen a few myself when I was a kid working in Montana and they are truly a magnificent animal. But like all the toothy ones out there proper caution must always be observed when you are in thier area.