Breckenridge Window Well Rescue

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A moose calf weighing almost 75 lbs found himself in a predicament and he was stuck. Homeowners heard noise outside their Breckenridge, Colorado home Saturday around 2 am, they chose not to investigate in case it was a bear. The next morning they discovered a moose calf stuck in their 3 foot deep window well. The Summit County Sheriff's Office was called for help. The homeowners warned the officers that the moose mother had shown aggression previously in the week. The rescuers could hear the moose calf's family in the woods, both parents and a twin were waiting for the calf.

First attempt to get the calf out did not work, the ramp placed in there was too slippery and the moose was too scared. What rescuers had to do was use a thick webbing strap to lift the moose calf from the window well. The calf then ran off to his family. From


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Great job on the rescue here.

Great job on the rescue here. LIke Goose said I would be a little nervous with momma moose running around thinking maybe I was responsible for hurting her baby. I lived in Breck for six months about 25 years ago when I was a kid working construction so I know the area pretty well. Back then though the chance of seeing a moose was not something you heard about. I saw one in Dillon just a few miles from there a few years ago walking down the river that runs through town when I stopped to do some shopping on my way to Denver. We even had one about 3 years ago just out the back door of my workplace in Basalt that the Dow had to come and dart as he refused to leave and as usual people started trying to get close and pet him for pictures. I have applied for over 15 years now without drawing a permit and so far I have only seen three in situations like this one. These are not the areas I would be hunting if I ever draw though as they mostly just wander through these areas.

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That is a pretty wild story,

That is a pretty wild story, probably pretty scary trying get the moose out especially if momma is runnig around close by.  Glad it all worked out for all involved and my hats off to the recures.