BP Not Helping Ecosystem

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British company BP was in the news a lot last year, and not in a positive light. At the beginning of August they made it into the news here again, and again it was not positive. A BP security guard was attempting to scare away a polar bear, a threatened species, that was in the North Slope area of Alaska. He thought he was shooting the polar bear with a beanbag device, in reality it was pyrotechnic "cracker" shells.

BP has been working on the North Slope in Alaska for over 35 years, have had hundreds of polar bear sightings, and this was the first polar bear death. The polar bear died 11 days after being shot. BP guards were monitoring the polar bear after the incident. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife are investigating. From International Business Times.


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I don't know hunter, I don't

I don't know hunter, I don't see where it says he shot the polar bear multiple times.  Maybe he shot it once, and then did indeed realize what he had done.

I fully agree that he should have known what round was in his weapon.  Absolutely no excuse.  However, I don't know if it amounts to criminal charges.  The security guard appears to have gone through many steps before he resorted to firing at it.  He honked his horns, flashed his lights, trying to scare it away, from a reisidential area no less.  Then, he fired a round he thought was a beanbag.

I think it's being overblown.  The guy should get a fine at most, and have to take some refresher firearms courses so that he never again assumes a certain round is in the weapon.  Other than that, as it said, it's an unfortunate accident.

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I don't think I'm totally

I don't think I'm totally buying into this story either. For one it would be inexcusable to not know what kind of loads you were firing at something. And after the first shot I'm pretty sure you would know something was not as it should be. Furthermoreit says that BP guards monitored the bear for 11 days before it died? Why didn't they report it sooner so an attempt could be made to save it? Maybe they were hoping it would just get better and wander off so they wouldn't get in any trouble.

Any way I'm sure there will be a big investigation and some very hefty fines to compensate for the mistake.

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I think someone might be

I think someone might be going to see some time behind bars or atleast some pretty heft fines on this one.....IMO!