Boy Applies Lighter to Dad's Hunting Ammo

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According to the Grand Rapids Press, for reasons most likely only known to him, a Michigan boy found one of his father's 30-06 cartridges and decided to apply an open flame to it. Unsurprisingly the round exploded and luckily the boy escaped serious injury.

The cartridge exploded and drove a casing piece into his neck, but the injury is not life threatening, according to Ottawa County Sheriff's Sgt. Brian Buter. "He had no intent of harming himself or others. He acted carelessly," Buter said in issuing the overnight police report about the incident.


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Excactly the reason I just

Excactly the reason I just placed 5,000 rounds or so in my safe.  My 4 year old is getting curious.

Glad to see he wasn't seriously hurt though.

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That's just nuts. What was that kid thinking.  That makes no sense at all.

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It just goes to show parents

It just goes to show parents need to lock up ammo, kids are curious and will get into anything. I'm glad the kid is going to be ok. This could have turned out a lot worse. I keep my guns locked up in a cabinet also have trigger locks on them and only I have the keys. I also keep my ammo locked in my safe in the garage. But i also have sat down with my kids and have gone over guns and tought them gun safety and also ammo safety. so the curiousity factor wont be there(hopefully). I have let them handle them as well as load them so they know about muzzle control and how to safetly do it. my dad did the same with me when i was 4 and i still remember that day like it was yesterday.

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Wow that is a crazy story. 

Wow that is a crazy story.  All the more reason to lock up the ammo as well as the guns.  Funny how when I was younger gun safe and such were not used much but with as much attention is put towards guns and such,,,kids just seem to be a little more curious about them.  Glad to hear the boy will be OK.