Bowhunter Shoots Moose in Closed Area

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A photographer was out taking pictures of a moose in Alaska, when a bowhunter spotted the same moose. Phillip Perez of Anchorage got out of his vehicle with a bow and arrow on Saturday morning. He shot one arrow that missed the moose. At this point the photographer, told Perez that Eagle River is closed to moose hunting. Perez decided not to heed the photographer's information and shot again, this time striking the moose in the shoulder.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to the area, mile 10 off Eagle River Road. Perez was charged with taking a moose in a closed area and summoned to court. Troopers took his bow and arrows as well.

Wildlife troopers tried to follow the blood trail left by the moose, but were unable to. They used a helicopter to help find the moose, after ground tracking the animal they decided not to put it down. From


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It apperars that the

It apperars that the stupidity and arrogance of poachers just continues to grow. It's bad enough to be doing something like this in the first place but to be warned by someone with a camera and then still continue to break the law is beyond belief. Hopefully he will have plenty of time to think about his mistake while paying the fines that I'm sure will be imposed. Even if it was at first an accident there is still no excuse as like others have said it is our responsibility to know and obey all the rules and regulations to the letter.

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From my experiences that

From my experiences that could of happened in any hunting area.  I have found that there are hunters that know the boundaries and then there are those who do not.  Even after telling some that what they are doing or about to do is illegal they will continue to do it. 

It reminds me of one year when I was hunting the Utah general deer hunt.  There was a accident which blocked the road and while we were waiting a man and his wife came up to look at the carnage with the rest of us.  He commented that he hadn't seen any deer worth shooting and that he was going to head up to Strawberry Reservoir to finish the hunt.  I asked him what kind of permit that he had that he could hunt two regions during the general hunt since we were now in the Southeast region.  He looked at me kind of perplexed and said that he had been doing it that way for years, and that we were in the Central region.  I had to pull out a map just to show him what and where he was located at. 

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This guy obviously did not

This guy obviously did not care that he was about to break the law..especially when somone tells you are about to.  Once again someone else out there making all us other hunters look bad.  Makes me wonder if the moose will survive.  They did notstate they found it just that they were not gonna put it down.  Hitting a moose in the shouldis definetly not the best place to shoot a big heavy boned anila like a moose.  Hopefully it will survive and be taken by someone that will be proud of his accomplishment and not have to hide is law breaking actions. 

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 Some of my  golden rules of

 Some of my  golden rules of hunting are know the laws, your game, only shoot when you have a clean/clean target and know your boundaries. Not knowing where you are is not an excuse and to compound it you had someone tell you it is closed. This is just the sort of bad publicity the anti's and animal rights folks will feast on. I too assume the animal must not have been injuries to bad as the wardens let it go. Hope it survives and the poacher gets hammered with a big fine and or jail.

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I can not beleive that this

I can not beleive that this guy shot again after he was told that it was closed to moose hunting.

Maybe after the first shot he could have said he did not know that it was closed to moose hunting. But after shooting a second time after being told, I would say this guy just did not care. I bet that he cares now that he don't have a bow and will probably lose his hunting rights for awhile.

People like this should not be out hunting at all.

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Know Your Boundaries!

Okay - here is a great example of not knowing where you can hunt... or he knew and was just focused on the kill and being a poacher. The story doesn't explain if he had a license/tag to take a moose. It also doesn't explain why the officers decided to let the moose go. The blood trail or the moose's actions must have been reflecting a non-serious injury. You would think if somebody is yelling at you that the area is closed to hunting - after your first shot missed its target - you would consider yourself lucky and get the heck out of there!