Boo Wants to Be Free

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A few weeks ago we had reported on the adventures and escapes of Boo the grizzly bear. Boo who was suspected of having a love interest, had escaped his pen at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort on June 7th was found and returned. Then on June 13th the grizzly male escaped again, and as of today has not been found. The Conservation Officers and Ministry of Environment are working with Kicking Horse Mountain Resort to ensure a safe return for Boo, and to make sure the public is protected as well. Last time Boo avoided high human traffic areas. From The Golden Star.


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Glad to hear that it all worked out this time

I'm glad to hear that it all worked out this time.  Boo is back home and everyone including the bear is safe now.  It is clear that the bear enjoys his freedome, but he also apparantly enjoys regular meals and whatever he gets in captivity since he has returned on his own.  This looks like a happy ending to me, and I hope that it stays that way.  Without a doubt - after getting out a couple of times, this bear will try it again in the future.  Lets hope for the best for everyone's safety.

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want a clue

Has anyone picked up on the clue that maybe, just maybe, Boo wants to be free?  How many times must he escape before someone picks up on the fact that this bear would rather be roaming free?

I realize that because of his life's experiences in captivity, he won't have much fear of humans, but I do find it interesting that he tries to avoid high human traffic areas.  Who said bears don't think and reason?  But since he has been associated with humans most of his life, he will probably turn to them when he gets hungry, expecting nothing more than what he's been given all along.  Though someone may get scared by an approaching bear, I would guess they would be relatively safe.  In fact, they may be safer than Boo.

I know there isn't much hope of this, but I'd love to see Boo left alone for as long as possible.  And if he is captured again, maybe they can take him deep into primitive country and release him to the wild.  I'm certainly not a tree hugger or animal right's activist, but maybe it's time someone looks at the bear's rights over wanting to put him on display.

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I know the fear should be for

I know the fear should be for the humans, because no wild animal (Boo included) is ever really tame, however, I can' help but worry for him too.

I can see him getting hungry, and casually approaching any humans in the area for some food, since I imagine that before his escape, that's how he was fed. Then I can see those humans, logically fearing for their safety, having to take measures into their own hands to protect themselves.

Hopefully he will wander back to his enclosure on his own, without causing any problems.  And, hopefully they will find a way to keep Boo contained next time.... Wink