Boo the Grizzly Bear on the Loose

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Boo the grizzly bear is missing! Could it be that love is in the air? Boo a nine year old grizzly has been in captivity since he was a cub. It is spring time in the Rockies, and Boo dug out from his enclosure. He has been missing since Saturday and there is speculation that there may be a female grizzly in the area that Boo could not resist.

Boo has escaped from his home twice in the past. After those attempts he was neutered in hopes that would keep him settled down. His first escape, he dug under the fence after a female grizzly, he was caught and brought back. After his second escape he came back on his own in search of food. A big concern for a captive bear in the wild is that he doesn't have wild bear skills. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is in the mountains, almost 9 miles to the closest town, and close to the British Columbia/Alberta border. Officials have been looking for Boo, using helicopters, but no luck yet. From CBC News Canada.


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high time

I wonder if anyone but me thinks maybe it's high time they just let Boo go?  What more evidence do they need to know that he wants to be free?  I really struggled with the fact that they neutered him so he wouldn't want to leave.  I wonder if they made him wear a skirt or apron as well??  With that said, I would also worry about his ability to survive in the wild.  He has been conditioned to having his needs met by humans.  Would he be able to hunt or find food?  My only fear with leaving Boo loose is that he has no fear of people and may turn to them for something to eat.

I have mixed feelings about zoos and the animals that are kept in captivity.  They are not being able to fulfill what they were intended to do.  Food is dropped in front of them and they are not able to mate naturally.  I realize there's money in having a zoo and it's nice for people to see wild animals up close, but I feel sorry for the animals.

I also wonder what kind of a sex drive Boo might have without the twins?  Why would he be off in search of a girlfriend?  I would have thought that loosing your little buddies would have taken that drive from you.  I hope I never find out.

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anybody else thinking of the animated movie Open Season???

Did anybody else here immediately think of the animated movie Open Season?  It’s about ‘Boog’ the grizzly bear who has been in captivity since he was a cub who gets himself into an adventure and is released into the wilds in the Rocky mountains just a few days before hunting season opens.  He awakes to find that he has been ferried be helicoptor to a remote slope in the mountains (miles from the closest town) and tries to find his way back to the reliable source of food and the affection of his human.  He has all sorts of adventures with a uni-horned deer named Elliot who discovers the joys of caffeine in coffee, a poacher named Shaw, and a variety of other animals that eventually end up battling the horde of human hunters and ‘liberating’ domestic animals like a weiner dog.  Yes, it is all pretty silly.  But, despite the whole thing being overtly anti-hunting themed I actually enjoyed the movie and found it much, much more enjoyable than Disney’s animated demonization of hunting in the movie Bambi.   

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Did you seriously just get

Did you seriously just get points for a explaining Open Season to us all?????? lol

"Hey, Sm-eliot!!!" Wink

Yeah, I thought the same thing.  This might be the one that they use for filimng in movies and such.  Hopefully he'll find his way back home again, especailly if he does not have the skills to survive in the wild.

On a positive note, it says he was neutered.  So, if he did go looking for a lady friend, there' not gonna be any grizzly bear child support for Boo to pay. Wink

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Seriously ?

Did you seriously just say 'On a positive note, it says he was neutered.' You may be the only man in history to think that there is a postive side to neutering!  I thought that was the saddest part of the whole story!  Poor Boo can never live wild and free and have cubs to carry on the sequels and spin off movies ;) lol

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Looks like it's harder to

Looks like it's harder to teach a "bear" some new tricks.  Looks like the power of love was way to much for him.  As always I am sure je will show back up or someone will track him down.