Boo Back Home

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Boo walked back into his enclosure at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The bear came back on his own in good health and a healthy appetite. Boo had dug out of his enclosure twice this June, once brought back by officials, and this time on his own.

Grizzly males are usually solitary animals, so Resort officials are hoping Boo got what he needed out his system and will remain. From the Calgary Herald.

"Grizzlies generally live solitude based lives so hopefully now that mating season is almost over he'll stay home now."

If you missed the previous blog posts, the last one on Boo wanting to be free and the first one on Boo's escape.


groovy mike's picture

Yeah Boo (or is it Boog!)

What about Elliot and Buddy.... just kidding. I'm glad to hear that it all worked out for everyone involved, including the big bear!