Black Bear Tranquilized and Moved 6 Times

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On a quest for love, a young black bear has been roaming throughout New Jersey looking for a mate. Kim Tinnes a wildlife services technician first encountered this bear in May 2010, when the bear was tagged, tattooed with #6131 on his lip, and collared. Since then they have tranquilized and moved the bear a total of six times. The bear has lost weight from trekking about 100 miles a week. There may be a decent number of female black bears everywhere he has been, but with his young age he would have to fight larger male bears, he has scars to prove that he has fought. Black bear 6131 is just unlucky in love, more often the target of a tranquilizer dart than Cupid's arrow. When bear 6131 is tranquilized wildlife officials remove him to a state wildlife area. From Reuters.


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Sounds like this guy is going

Sounds like this guy is going to push himself to far and eventually get himself into too much trouble. It's not so bad the traveling he is doing but the fact that he keeps ending up in towns where he has to be captured again. Six times is a lot and bears have been put down for a lot fewer run ins than that. The article says that there is no emotion involved for the bears but from the sounds of this one he is very emotional as it has turned into the driving motivation for his life. Either that or he just truly loves to wander as they really can't be sure what he is doing or what he has done between his captures.

Hopefully he will find what he's looking for and stay out of trouble in the future so he doesn't become a problem and have to be put down.

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Man he must have the urge

Man he must have the urge bad..hopefully here in his new home he will find some true love that will keep him from wondering away.