Black Bear Tranquilized and Dies

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A black bear that had been frequenting neighborhoods in Fort Collins, Colorado for the past several days has died. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers tried to scare it away and these attempts did not work. An officer shot a tranquilizer at the bear while it was in a tree. The bear fell, the ground officers were unable to maneuver the tarp in time to catch the bear. The bear's death is probably from the impact of falling from the tree to the ground. From Fox31 Denver.


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Too bad about the bear.

Too bad about the bear. Somtimes stuff like this happens. It's funny how bad the reporting on the story here was. It just goes to show that you can't beleave everything you see on tv or read in the paper. I only fully beleave what i see with my own eyes. but anyways its a sad story about the bear. I was watching a show a few weeks ago and ODFW biologist's were tracking a cougar and tranked it in a tree and when it fell it hit i swear every branch on the way down. I'm suprised they don't die or get hurt more often.

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The intentions were good here

The intentions were good here but sometimes bad things just happen. hopefully something can be learned from the results and the same mistake will be somehow avoided the next time something similar comes up.

The biggest thing that gets me is all the mistakes that have been pointed out in the article. It just goes to show how much faith we can put in watching the news when something really serious is being reported on.

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No Tag in Picture

The two pictures within the on-line articles do not show any blue ear tag on the bear. One of the pictures has a very clear shot at both ears and you cannot see any ear tag. The Fox31 Denver news sight where this story is linked from may very well have used a file picture for their article. The Fort Collins Coloradoan picture link is below. I think it is the real one obtained on location of the story.


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Thanks for the link. 

Thanks for the link.  Definately not the same bear.  The article says it's only a 100 pounder, but the guy in this photo is a much biger bear.

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The Fort Collins Coloradoan took 3 separate articles before they told the complete story - quality reporting... not! It is unfortunate the bear died. Many blame the officers but they have no clue what these people encounter. The officers were working on relocating the bear not killing it.



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not quite right....

The bear was tranq'd while it was on the ground, then ran up a tree and fell and died.  The reporters were there and still can't report it right.

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Any clue if the bear in the

Any clue if the bear in the photo is the actual bear?  Just wondering if it had been encountered prior, and was already tagged.

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I agree...hate to see things

I agree...hate to see things like this happen, but it sometimes is nesscary to get people safe, even though they were there first.  Sorry to hear the bear had to die but atleast they were trying to give the bear another chance with a reloaction and some accidents juts happen.  I too find the comment about the bears death was due to impact.....DUH!!

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It is to bad that things like

It is to bad that things like this happen but they do.

You can not take a chance in a bear attacking a person or worse a child. I have heard to many times about a animal that they move and some how finds its way back and it only gets worse.

They did the right thing by trying to get the bear removed. It is just to bad it ended up the way it did. I guess better the bear than a child.

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Um, the impact caused it to

Um, the impact caused it to die?  Ya don't say..... lol

Sorry to see this happen.  I wonder if the photo is a stock photo, or the actualy bear.  If it is, then it looks tagged already.  Usually, officers will only transplant a bear once, and if it comes back, then they are under the impression that it has no fear of humans, and will be euthanized.

Don't know if that's the case in Colorado, but I know it is in other places.  I have seen some videos before of the tranqued bears falling out of trees, and it amazes me that the can even hold onto the tarp when that thing falls, especially some of the bigger bears.