Black Bear Removed From New Jersey Turnpike

Send by email Printer-friendly version Share this has a story running about a black bear that became a spectacle near the New Jersey Turnpike’s Exit 8 in East Windsor. From the variety of photos available with the article, it appears safely removing the 300 pound bear was quite an ordeal.

The two- to three-year-old male was at least 20 feet above the ground in the tree for almost four hours, said Larry Hajna, a spokesman for the state Department of Environmental Protection. Hajna said the bear had to be removed because it was visible by Turnpike traffic and started to draw a crowd.


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The more these rural towns

The more these rural towns grow the more and more of these type cases will be seeing.  Gald to see they were able to care of this without a hole alot of work.

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I've seen more stoies about

I've seen more stoies about bears in cities over the past couple years, its kinda a scary thing, all it takes is one to think a kid would be a good meal to really make these anti's change there minds about those cute and cuddly bears. Correct me if i wrong but didnt they outlaw bear hunting in NJ. I'm glad nobody got hurt and they were able to remove the bear safely. Good read.