Black Bear Hit By Car Gets Up and Runs Off

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Deputy Jason Harvey was driving down Highway 127 on Singal Mountain in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. From out of nowhere a black bear is in the middle of the road. Harvey hit the bear, knocking the bear forward 25-30 ft. The bear regains his stride and takes off. Harvey stops his vehicle, which received minimal damage with the protective cage on the front bumper. His vehicle camera caught the entire footage of the hit.

Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock says there have been a lot of bears in the area, and this one was more than likely going after a bird feeder in someone's yard. Don't put food out where bears can get it. From Mail Online.


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This was one of the coolest

This was one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. That bear had a determination to live after being hit by the police cruiser. In the video it just looks like the driving is just crusing along and all of  a sudden here comes a bear straight out of the woods and right infront on thr deputy. There was nothing the driver could have done the bear just cut right in front of the car, the best part is the bear just gets up like nothing happened and trotts back into the woods. That was pretty crazy.

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Wow that was pretty amazing!

Wow that was pretty amazing! It looked like the car was not going that fast but also like it barely slowed down either before the impact. The bear slid pretty far so it did get hit hard but appeard to not be badly injured. I bet it was feeling pretty sore the next day though. I have hit a few animals that were perfectly safe and actually ran into the side of my car as I went by or in the case of a fox last year it ran across the road in front of me and then panicked and tried to run back and I ended up killing it with the back tires of my truck.

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That was amazing footage!  You sure won't see that very often. 

At least it didn't look like the car was going all that fast.  And add to that, at the time of impact, it looked like the bear had turned and was actually running in the same direction as the car.  Maybe that's why neither the car or bear was hurt too badly.  At least we sure hope the bear wasn't hurt badly.

It looked to be about a 175 to 200 pound blackie.  Not real big but he/she looked fat and in pretty good condition. 

Do they have a bear season on Tennessee? 

Great footage.... thanks for sharing.