Black Bear Got into Wrong Enclosure

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Two captive grizzlies, Grinder and Coola at Grouse Mountain, British Columbia were just following their natural instincts. The two grizzlies live in an enclosure in a wooded area just like in the wild, surrounded by woods. Small animals have found their way through the fence previously, and the grizzlies do what they would do naturally, kill them. A black bear cub had the misfortune of being able to crawl and squeeze under the fence. Black bears and grizzlies are not friendly to each other, in fact they are enemies. Grinder and Coola did what they would have done if they met a black bear in the wild.

It is not clear why the black bear wandered into the enclosure. It might have thought there was food, but the cub was small for this time of the year.

The two grizzlies did what comes naturally and Grouse Mountain is not facing any charges. The Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations said it's not planning an investigation. This is the first incident of this nature in 10 years.

Grinder killed a wolf that was held in the same enclosure in 2005. Now those species are separated. From The Vancouver Sun.


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A very sad situation for the

A very sad situation for the little guy that got in there but nothing else could be expected and it doesn't look like anyone was really to blame either. The only concern as mentioned before is how big is the hole it got through and if it is a safety hazzard for the big guys getting out. They are a very powerful animal and if they thought they had a chance they might really put some force into it. Hopefully it gets taken care of and no other happless critters come to the same fate as the little black bear did. Pretty cool names they game those grizzlies, definately adds some intimidation whrn you hear them.

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  This is a pretty neat set


This is a pretty neat set up for these grizzly bears.  This is not a zoo setting but rather a nice wooded area enclosed to house these bears in a natural environmnet.  It is unfortunate that this black bear cub was able to get into this fenced area.  However, from some of the additional articles I found this bear cub would most likely not have survived through the winter.  Here is a link to a Youtube video on the two Grizzlys and how they came to the wildlife refuge.


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Well, I would have to take

Well, I would have to take the 2 grizzlies against the black bear, if you gave me that bet... Wink

Unfortunate that it had to happen, but like they said, the Coola and Grinder were only doing what comes naturally to them.  I am sure that bear had no chance, unless there were any trees in the enclosure.  Probably not though, which left the little guy a sitting duck (or bear).

I imagine the workes will have to do a little digging to find out where he slipped in.  This could be alot worse, if instead of something slipping in, the grizzlies slipped out.  Whoops!

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I wonder how big the

I wonder how big the enclosure is.  A black bear cub, even if small, should be at least 60-70 lbs. by now.  That seems pretty big to be squeezing through the fencing for a Grizzly enclosure.  I would guess most things that squeeze through the fencing meet the same kind of fate--killed, eaten, and made into fertilizer.