Black Bear Euthanized on The Dalles Dam

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Oregon Live is running a short piece on a black bear that somehow got caught on The Dalles dam on Monday. Unfortunately the bear was stuck in a dangerous position that prevented safe rescue and had to be euthanized.

The bear had somehow ended up trapped at the dam at a hectic time of year, when hundreds of thousands of juvenile salmon are swimming downstream and the spring run of adult fish are starting to head in the opposite direction.


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I read this story on my local

I read this story on my local news site the other day, its a shame they werent able to find a way to get that bear out of there. They think it got swept down the river and ended up on the spillway, it was some 10 stories to the bottom. From the pictures it looked like a nice bear, I would have loved to seen this bear while out hunting, i guess the bears are starting to wake up from there winter slumber.